Amber Bear Inn – Montana

Heron-Amber-Bear-Inn-TeslaHeron-Montana-chargingMonday it is off to Montana to visit Nancy, an old friend of Patty’s. We had been to her bed-and-breakfast before, but it had been many years. Her husband, Michael, had installed a NEMA 14-50 plug so that we could easily charge our Tesla while visiting.

Heron-view-of-back-yardThe bed-and-breakfast is located on over 400 acres of land and includes a good part of a mountain and the mountain spring that provides all their water – quite the getaway location. Wild animals include deer, elk, and a couple of bears who have been around for years. The domestic animals include three dogs, two goats, chickens, a horse, and several peacocks. All roam free during the day and can be seen all over the property. A couple of months ago they lost their Llama and now the goats are in more danger from the bears – the llama did a good job protecting the other animals on the property.

Heron-Minnies-in-Thompson-FallsWe chatted late into the night the first evening – there were no other visitors to the bed-and-breakfast and this allowed Michael and Nancy to relax a bit. The next day Michael was able to drive the Tesla to  nearby?? town, where we ate lunch at a friends cafe – the favorite eating place for the county seat.

Heron-Jerrys-house-dogs-Lazy-SCraig visited a neighbor – Jerry – who has single-handedly build his own log cabin. He hasn’t finished yet, and doesn’t really expect to – it is the process he is interested in. He is a former civil engineer and an amazing amount of technology has been built into the evolving house. For example, logs continually settle and, if you are going to construct an inside wall, it must be attached to the logs so that they can move without impacting the wall. The flooring is radiant heat and potable and non-drinkable water exist side-by-side, with each system individually serving a specific area.

Heron-Craig-on-cartA surprise couple from our part of Los Angeles arrived to stay for two days, before traveling to Seattle on business, so Nancy had a dinner to prepare. Craig and Michael set about to fix some of the numerous things that continually breakdown on a farm-like location.

Wildlife preserve

Wildlife preserve

The following morning Michael took Craig and Patty up to show off the mountain spring that fed the wildlife preserve that constituted much of the front yard, as well as the rest of the property.

While this land requires a lot of work, it is the kind of location that most people can only dream about.

Heron-KiKi-in-the-wildHeron-Patty-on-porch We were all getting tired of traveling, however, so it was time to set out on our return trip.

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