Over the Continental Divide

Day 5 – 24 May: Not a lot to say today. It was a long day, with four superchargers visited and 390 miles driven. We crossed the Continental in a long tunnel just before dropping down into Denver. In Grand Junction we met owners driving from Minnesota to Fremont

A Toyota 'ices' Tesla charging stall in Glenwood Springs

A Toyota ‘ices’ Tesla charging stall in Glenwood Springs

– they were Signature owners and hadn’t yet taken their factory tour. In Glenwood Springs we saw our first instance of ICEing {those in the know please correct my spelling} a Tesla charging spot – probably not our last sighting. In Silverthorne we saw another Tesla driver having to pry his teenage daughter out of the driver’s seat. In Lone Tree Patty got mixed up in the mall and I had to drive around to pick her up.

We had bright sun, poring rain, and a general overcast, but no real situations where we  could take good pictures. The feel of the Rockies in the pouring rain and a long driving day doesn’t lend itself photography by the harried.

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