Long Day’s Drive – South Dakota

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This morning I went to the Rapid City supercharger and it seems they do it differently in this part of the country. Again the line painters apparently thought the KiKi-at-Rapid-City-chargercharge plugs were on the passenger side of the vehicle. I again centered the car on one of the lines – KiKi is conveniently sitting on the line – and backed in.


We stopped in Mitchell, SD and Greg peddled his small bicycle out to me, washing the bugs off the front of the Tesla, and started a conversation, while his wife took pictures. Later Patty went into their hotel to browse the gift shop and use the restroom. Well, this is what greeted her —Sometimes bathrooms say the darndest thingsWe crossed the Missouri River at Chamberlain, SD and stopped to look where Lewis & Clark had come up river.

Missouri River panaramaKiKi and Patty at Missouri River overlook

KiKi & Patty at the Missouri River overlook


Patty - Memorial Day dinner

Patty – Memorial Day dinner

Craig - Memorial Day dinner

Craig – Memorial Day dinner

In Worthington, MN we stopped to charge our car – none of the other superchargers after Rapid City were painted incorrectly – and have a Memorial Day dinner.

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