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Pam and Patty over breakfastDays 17 & 18 5-6June: On our way out of New Jersey we stopped to share stories and memories with an old friend of Patty’s who worked at Kaiser with her. Patty easily makes connections with lots of people and she and Pam had a lot to go over.

Tesla facility at Syosset, NYThen it was on to Long Island and another friend of Patty’s – Lisa – who worked at the L.A. Zoo with her and has previously taken a cruise with us. After dropping Patty and KiKi at Lisa’s house, Craig took the car to the nearby Tesla Sales-Service-Supercharger center in Syosset, NY (our car is the one on the right of the enlarged picture). There Craig ran into a couple of critical ‘first time’ visitors to the Tesla facility, who had lots of common questions about the feasibility of electric cars. The salesman – Alex – said that it was common for New Yorkers to have little real information about the cars, or EVs in general, and they often required multiple visits before they would even consent to a test drive. The situation is far more accomodating out west.

Long-Island-RailroadOn Friday Lisa, Patty, and Craig took a train into NYC to visit the World Trade Center Memorial and walk around. The ride in gave us all sorts of fodder for a story. First there was plenty of help to make sure we got to the right place. We had to ride the Long Island Railroad into Penn Central Station, then transfer to a MetroCardsubway line that would get us to the WTC. An MTA subway employee even helped us purchase a round-trip Metro pass for all three of us to use that day, helped us to skip the toll entrance, and directed us to¬† the correct line. It was only when we tried to return from the WTC to Penn Station, on our return trip, that we found out the Metro pass didn’t have any cash value and we had to purchase three additional, one-way tickets. The best and the worst of NYC in the same transaction.


Building 4

We arrived at the WTC site looking for the Memorial Pools. Of course we were ‘sold’ a packet of beautiful photos and stories about 9/11 as soon as we stepped out of the subway – they were beautiful, but I prefer to take my own pictures, though they may be inferior. One thing we did learn was the layout of the Memorial and the buildings going up around it – 1 WTC (Freedom Tower), 2 WTC, 3 WTC, and 4 WTC.


The Freedom Tower – work goes on

How something can be massive and intimate at the same time is beyond me, but that is how I felt at this site.

There are two Memorial Pools located where the two towers stood.

Reflection Pool

Reflection Pool

They have double sets of cascading waterfalls, with names of all the people who perished that day listed around them. There is a museum located between and off to the side of the two pools. It just opened last month, so there was a long line to get in – WTC-Memorial-Reflection-Pool-Patty-CraigNew Yorkers were anxious to visit, as well as us tourists. Much work is still going on, but the four towers are going up smoothly. There is a building that looks like the spine of a dinosaur, where the main subway station for the area will be located. It is never a good idea to bring a car into NYC, but this area is especially problematic for drivers.


Patty and Times Square

Returning to Penn Central, we set off for Inglot – a hard to find cosmetic store that Patty favors – it is just off Times Square. We had to purchase a new item she had discovered. Then we walked back to take our train back to Long Island.

Frank, Frankie, Lisa, Millie

Frank, Frankie, Lisa, Millie

Dinner with Lisa, her son Frankie, and her mother and father (Millie & Frank), concluded our day.

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