Escape from New York

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Lincoln Tunnel entrance

Lincoln Tunnel entrance

Day 19  7 June: Our trip south started with something I promised myself I would not do. We drove across Manhattan to reach New Jersey. Yes, we stalled in traffic, just as I saw others do only yesterday, from one of the continuous work projects blocking off a main pathway through the city. We entered and exited Manhattan using the Queen’s Midtown and Lincoln tunnels, and passed Madison Square Garden – where the Stanley Cup Finals will play games 3 & 4 this coming week. NYC-trafficStanley-Cup-Finals

NYC-skyline-from-NJWhen we got to the New Jersey side, we got a nice view of the Manhattan skyline, but it was only over the guardrail of the parkway.

Delaware Memorial Bridge & TollZipping down New Jersey, we exited the toll road and chose 295 part way down. I wanted to see what it was like if we stayed off toll roads and it was just as nice, just as quick and I enjoyed saving a ‘buck’. One point for me this time – next time I may may not be so fortunate. When we reached the Delaware Memorial Bridge linking New Jersey to Maryland, however, we did have to pay – but it was only $4 and I though it was a steal.

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