Traveling South of the Mason-Dixon Line

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Days 20 & 21  8-9 June: Heading south, we made a very slight detour to visit the Mt. Vernon home of George Washington. We had tried to visit here when we first arrived in Virginia, a week ago, but it was too late and everything was closed. Today it was open, but hot. We attempted to start the air conditioner in the car to keep KiKi cool while we were gone, but once we left the car, the cell phone reception was poor. We control things in the parked car by using a free Tesla app. Since we couldn’t insure the air conditioning would keep running, Craig had to remain in the car to insure the safety of KiKi. Patty looked around a bit, but didn’t take the tour of the entire grounds. Something left to visit, the next time we come to Washington.

St-Matthews-railroadMostly these two days are heavy on the driving and light on the sightseeing. During the second day, we left the major north-south artery, I-95, and traveled through rural South Carolina. As we headed into the small railroad town of St. Matthews, Craig couldn’t help stopping to get a picture of this Lutheran Church, with its attached graveyard. This pretty little church was established in 1737, with the current church being built in 1900.St-Matthews-church


Greenville-Craig-Ron-Patty-JanOur goal was Greenville, SC, where we visited Craig’s cousin Ron and his wife Jan.

Greenville-SC-supercharger-statusSince Greenville was supposed to have a supercharger, we visited the location to check on its Greenville-2-CA-blk-Teslasprogress. Obviously, the work has not been completed and we were reduced to finding a J1772 plug and enduring a long charge time – by this time we have been spoiled by the supercharger network. What were the odds we would find another black Tesla from California at a multiple charger location? We left before the other owner appeared.

Greenville-Falls-ParkGreenville-Craig-Patty-KiKi-Falls-ParkDowntown Greenville has been rebuilt around the Reedy River. A key location is Falls Park, where Craig, Patty, and KiKi were photographed on the bridge overlooking the falls. A better picture of Falls Park is included because of the beauty of the scene.

Greenville-Fried-Green-Tomatos-whatisleftWe continued on to dinner, where an trying an order of Fried Green Tomatoes was a requirement. Unfortunately, by the time we got around to photos, there was practically nothing left.

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