Getting Started – Finally

USA_trip_mapDay 1 – 20 May: The inertia of getting started is finally over with. We have loaded the car, the dog, and left our home.

We picked a destination we have driven to several times – Las Vegas – and will visit a friend (Jo) Patty has known since she was seven and her husband Ade. We decided that familiarity was the best way to start, since so much else about this is new.

Leaving-on-a-Road-Trip Las-Vegas-friends

There is not a lot new to say, except tomorrow we will only plan on getting as far as St. George, UT. There is supposed to be a supercharger there, but it hasn’t been built yet – we will check the location for progress. There will be a 5-7 hour layover to enable us to travel to the Beaver, UT supercharger, so we will stay overnight. That will leave plenty of time to see the city, meet new friends, and maybe take more pictures.

LV - Adrian-with-card Here Ade shows off the ‘travel’ card we made for people we meet.

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