Las Vegas to St. George, UT – The Desert Gets Spectacular

Day 2 – 21 May: After visiting Nora and her assistant Sunshine in their offices in Las Vegas, Patty-in-friends-officewe set off toward unknown destinations.

The relatively short trip took us through the Virgin River Gorge in northwest Arizona. This was a positively spectacular drive, with the sides of the gorge rising all around us – you  just had to soak it in.Patty-and-KiKi-with-friend

We had contacted Mark, an EV person, in St. George, UT and he agreed to let us charge our Tesla at the NEMA 14-50 plug in his garage, overnight. He an his wife Tamara met us at the 25 Main Street Cafe, located – appropriately – on 25 Main Street in the center of town. They were Nissan Leaf owners and this was the first Tesla they had seen.  As we drove to their home in the suburbs, they gave new meaning to the term ‘suburbs’.

Suburbs in St. George, UT

Suburbs in St. George, UT

The homes were all designed in a similar fashion and color, to blend into the desert landscape. Even more, everyone had enough land so that houses weren’t crammed together in the fashion we are all so used to. Of course, the more spectacular houses had much more land, but you couldn’t easily tell the houses apart, except by the amount of land. Still the landscape was clearly desert brush and houses disappeared into that landscape.

We left two more people trying to figure out a way to get their hands on a Tesla.

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