Grand Vistas and Empty Space

Day 3 – 22 May: Mark picked me up at our hotel Thursday morning and took me back to his house, where the Tesla had recharged over night. I snapped a picture of him standing between the Tesla and his Leaf. Leaving his house, you get a better concept of what his idea of suburbia is in St. George, UT.
Mark-with-Tesla-&-his-Leaf     Suburbia-in-southern-Utah
This was going to be our first really strenuous day, what with four superchargers ahead of us before stopping in Grand Junction, CO. We started out by stopping in downtown St. George before heading for the first supercharger in Beaver, UT. Note the guitar statue in the middle of the round-about.
Both Utah and Colorado have quite a number of round-abouts and they not only eliminate left turns, but keep the traffic flowing much more easily than stop-lights (California could learn from this). However, they do take getting used to.

Patty-at-supercharger-in-BeaverHere Patty is checking out the car at the Beaver, UT supercharger. I was in Beaver some 40 years ago and remember the large ‘B’ on the side of the mountain.
After leaving the Beaver supercharger, we stopped and took a tour of Cove Fort, one of only a couple of fortified way-stations used by stagecoaches and pony express riders until the advent of the coast-to-coast railroad. From there it was over the Pavant Range, through some really fantastic gorges, and through the San Rafael Swell, east of Richfield, UT. This is a desolate area with some of the most arresting vistas I have seen for a number of years. We have no photos of this area because open scenery doesn’t lend itself well to snapshots and we were averaging about 80mph, with no place to turn around – i.e. we were only able to take in the vistas as they happened and not able to turn around to get back for photos. Next time we will allow a couple of days just to browse and photograph.

Coming into Grand Junction we were tired and disappointed with our lack of pictures. Tomorrow is another long day, but we will try to do better in the picture department.

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