Phoenix and Home

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PHX-Patty-Craig-Marilyn-Mike-KiKiDay 41/43 – 29 June thru 1 July: In Phoenix we stayed with our old friends Mike & Marilyn. This was familiar, comfortable, and cool – even if the temperature outside was well over 100 for most of the day. Several times on Monday, Craig would simply jump into the pool for a short time, just to cool off after going outside.

We had stayed longer than anticipated in Prescott and got into Phoenix in the early evening, Sunday. Just in time to go out to a Thai place for dinner. It had been over 6 weeks since we had visited a Thai restaurant and we needed a ‘fix’.

Monday the girls had some shopping to do and Mike’s son – also Mike – back from a camping trip with two grandchildren, came by to return the trailer he had borrowed. The girls returned with pizza and we all made an occasion of it. Then it was off to the movies – Jersey Boys – concluding a really restful day.

CA-Border-ReentryTuesday it was time to make our final run, across the California border, through customs, and – since there was no Supercharger in Indio, CA yet – we were going to have to make a long stop at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon, CA. The casino has two NEMA 14-50 plugs, but they are located in the Valet Parking area – inaccessible to mere travelers. This was complicated by the fact that they don’t allow dogs in the hotel/casino and we couldn’t simply leave KiKi in the car. Mike – one of the valets there – helped us out by riding with us to the parking place, helping us unload what we needed (including KiKi) and inviting us to stay on comfortable seats outside the Casino until our car was charged. Mike provided water bottles, we took turns visiting the rest rooms, and Patty went to the Chinese Noodle restaurant to pick up some dinner. KiKi mostly slept. A little over three hours later we left with enough energy to get us home.


Tesla dash at the end of the trip

Seeing the garage of our home open and driving in was enervating – and we weren’t even tired of driving in the car. The Tesla is the perfect road car and it never disappointed us, having traveled just a very few miles short of 10,000 on our trip – we didn’t reset the trip odometer until 578 miles into the trip (St. George, UT).

The next day Tesla ran a check of the car logs over the six weeks we were gone and pronounced the car in excellent shape, with nothing needing attention. This was all done over the phone and we didn’t even have to take the car into the service location.

CA-home-at-lastWhile we cleared our ‘stuff’ out of the car, it would be some time before we completely unpacked – we just wanted to lay around the house. Of course this blog has to be finished and KiKi and Kitty have to get reacquainted, but all that is the easy stuff.

We both want to add a final blog entry thanking all those who helped us along the way, but that will have to wait a day or so.

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