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GiGi Bean's Page

GiGi on the lawn

GiGi Bean Weightman - Havanese

Born: 15 May 2020 (Kachina's Havanese) New River, Arizona

Arrived: 13 July 2020

Here we see her at 12 wks
with her favorite raccoon.

A new arrival is always a big event, but GiGi found a way to adjust quickly.

Here we see GiGi at 8 weeks, then 12 weeks, and finally at 16 weeks.

  GiGi at 8 weeksGiGi at 12 weeksGiGi at 16 weeks

GiGi in her favorite bed on 9/11 - she has doubled in weight (now 5lbs) but she will be a somewhat smaller Havanese.                                             Below a portrait.

GiGi's favorit bed on Sep 11 GiGi portrait
GiGi says 'talk to me' After first haircut

22 September 2020

After my first haircut.

April 2021 - After matted coat needed shearing.

Sometimes GiGi gets agressive

Even though GiGi is a pretty timid dog, sometimes she can get agressive