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KiKi's Page

KiKi Weightman - Havanese

Born: 2 April 2001 in Sun City, Arizona

Passed: 5 July 2017 in Glendale, CA - at the age of 16.

KiKi lived a full and joyous life. He brought a smile to everyone he encountered and was a very people-centered dog.

His sweet disposition brightened each and every room.

KiKi we really miss ya'.

15th Birthday - 2016

Patty holding KiKi at his birthday party

KiKi was the star, but certainly not the most active participant at his birthday. Patty held him with his birthday hat on and his dog-sitter, Christopher, enjoyed all the dogs and people treats at the park.

Christopher with KiKi

Many of the dogs who joined the party are shown below. We see Macy, Tucker & Maggy, Max, Princess, KiKi, Cookie, and Shelby in this photo - all with their significant others.

 birthday party group

14th Birthday - 2015


KiKi - all dressed up for his 14th birthday party in the park.

Winter 2012/13

KiKi in the winter of his years

We all get spruced up on Valentine's Day.

In the winter of his years, KiKi is still a handsome dog.

10th Birthday - 2011

KiKi is beginning to slow down, but he sure had fun on this day.

His buddies from all over came to visit him - Max from Newport Beach, Bailey, Macy from next door, Lulu from Burbank.

By the end of the day, KiKi just had to retire.

Halloween 2006

Speedy McQueen with shades

Speedy McQueen was the theme of the day for this year and KiKi was able to easily lead the pack.

This dog has everything, including California shades.

2 April 2006

A party isn't a party without the neighborhood dogs.

Halloween 2005

Previously KiKi had gone as an Oreo Cookie and the mop on Carole Burnett's cleaning tool, but this year he decided he wanted to be more glamorous. He even managed to lift his leg with this apparatus on. Needless to say, he was a big hit, however, the other dogs just couldn't manage to get their 'sniffs' in.

2 April 2004 - 4th Birthday

Here Hans and Fritz join him in eating some doggy cake.

Sometimes it is the people who do the silly things and the dogs who remain sensible.

Halloween 2004

Patty & Kiki - Halloween 2004

Kiki is the perfect dog to recreate that old Carole Burnett kitchen maid skit. While Patty is good as Carole Burnett, Kiki is the perfect mop.