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Jennifer's Wedding

Job Augustine and Jennifer Fowzer were married 7 April 2007
at Hartley Botanical Gardens in Somis, California

You are supposed to be consumed with each other at your wedding, but come on now. These two have had lots of time to get to know each other, but that only seems to have made them more tied together.

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After the marriage ceremony Jennifer and Job moved to a secluded area for pictures. This was a fabulously beautiful outdoor area to hold any event.

Both spent time talking to other guests.

Outdoor weddings are fun, but the plastic chairs do tend to dominate. Here the bride's side of the isle is filling up.

Joan's place was left for her spirit

Patty and Talley made sure Kiki stayed in place.

wedding party

The wedding party

Wedding picture of Jennifer & Job

Jennifer & Job...

...in lush surroundings

Aunt Patty was dressed to the 9's,
in place of Jennifer's mother Joan,
walked her down the aisle.

Kiki and Craig were each outfitted in a tux.

While Ben's speech was short... Danielle's wasn't.

However, hers was very whimsical and had lots of inside dope on their relationship.

Grandma Addie, Jennifer, Aunt Patty

Cousin Darren, Joe & Sabrina (just married too)

Jennifer's grandmother, Addie, made the party; as well as Joan's best friend Gail.

Aunt Debbie's three sons all made the wedding

Hollie & Chris......Jay & Katty......Paul

Holly & ChrisJay & KattyPaul

Cousins Jeff and Patty get to see each other about once a year. They enjoy themselves when they do.

Karen and Jeff enjoy the food and company.

Jeff's sons, J.J. and Stephen used the celebration to spend more time together.

Cousins Danielle and Rhiannon, Henry's daughter, talk while Rhiannon's boyfriend Erick looks on

Holly, Chris's girlfriend, taking a picture of...

...Jay, Chris, and cousins Kyle (Henry's son) and Darren (aunt Lorraine's son)

Job's dad, Basil, is a really happy man on this day.

Job, his cousin Molly and his dad enjoy a private laugh.

Aunt Patty looked really lovely.

Craig & Patty's kids - Danielle, Julie, and C.J. all had a blast.

It is really fun when we all get together, but the years seem to make it harder to gather up.

Danielle, Craig, Julie, C.J.

Olivia & C.J.

Matt and Julie became engaged just before this wedding. She certainly looks happy.

She's listening now, but later???

While Matt & Julie's day is coming, Olivia & C.J. tied the knot 30 Sep 2006.

The girls always seem to have something to say

Finally -- The Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake always starts out to be such a cooperative effort.

Somehow they always have to clean themselves up afterward.

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