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Julie and Matt's Wedding 14 July 2007

rehearsal dinnerreception

To make it easier to view, we have placed pictures of a wedding shower, the wedding rehearsal, and the wedding reception on other pages. We will concentrate on the wedding ceremony below.

Pre-Wedding Preparation

Every wedding needs a beautiful bride. Julie certainly fit the bill for this day.

Judy and daughter Julie
Judy & Julie

Danielle & JulieJulie & Patty

Julie with her sister Danielle.

Julie with her step-mother Patty.

Julie & CraigJulie, Olivia, Paige

Julie with her sister-in-law Olivia and her soon-to-be stepdaughter Paige.

Julie and her dad, Craig

julie with bridesmaids & dadJulie with bridesmaids

Julie with her bridesmaids: Katy, Meghan, Charlene, & Ashley in a Newport Park.

Julie with her bridesmaids
and her dad before the wedding.

...and now to give away the bride.

Arriving at the Wedding

Uncle Jimmy and Ricardo approaching MarkAunt Anita

Julie's uncle Jimmy, Ricardo and Mark.

Julie's aunt Anita arrives.

The Sangster family arrive: Suzy with Carl, Kathy, Frank, and Julie

Long time family friend Mindy

wedding chapel starting to fill up

The chapel, starting to fill up - it was completely packed.

Patty, C.J., and Craig welcome guests - we got Craig in a suit for this day.

Judy's old friend Susan - watching others arrive.

Judy's friend SusanJulie's former roommate Jerrica

Julie's former roommate, Jerrica, looks forward to the ceremony.


Finally everything is ready to start and the star performers are dressed and in place. Now the ceremony can begin.

The Ceremony

Myra with the beautiful voice

Myra has a beautiful voice and her singing
started everything off and touched us all.

C.J. escorting JudyRose being escorted

C.J. escorts his mother down the aisle.

The mothers of the bride and groom mounted the altar to light the unity candles. Here Judy Weightman helps Rose down the steps, with Rose's daughter-in-law, Brenda, on the other side.

Charlene and Steven

Craig escorts Julie down the aisleCharlene - the matron of honor - and Steven
 - the best man - come down the aisle.

Finally Julie makes her entrance, on her father's arm, in really spectactular fashion - she has waited years and this has to be just right.

Judy and Craig presenting Julie to Matt

Both mother and father, Judy and Craig, present Julie to Matt. She's really gone now folks!

Julie and Matt at the center of the universe.

wedding ceremony

Ring ceremony first for Matt and then for Julie

First comes the Wedding Kiss...
...then comes the Wedding March. They are now Mr. & Mrs. Williams.

white rose for Judywhite rose for Patty

Each of the three mothers received a white rose.

Judy - Julie's mother.

Patty - Julie's stepmother.

Rose - Matt's mother.

white rose for Rose

Family Photos

Weigthman familyWeightman family
Williams family

The entire Weightman clan present.

The entire Williams clan present.

Craig, Julie, Matt, and Patty

Jimmy conducting

C.J. and Olivia

formal portraitbridal party

Full bridal party with the bride & groom, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen.

Formal portrait of Matt & Julie as Mr. & Mrs. Williams

Leaving the Church

Elaine and AnitaAfter the ceremony the street
out front filled up quickly.

Elaine and Anita are Julie's aunts
- here with her mother Judy.

Matron of Honor - Charlene

Long time family friends Suzie with her son Carl...                Ryan with daughter Megan and his wife Sonja            Cousin Colin with his son Conner

Conner with Colin SuzieRyan, Megan, Sonia
Kathie and JulieJoe

Suzie's mother Kathy and her sister Julie.

Maid of Honor (Meghan's) fiancée Joe.

RisaMimi and Susan

Julie's family friends Mimi and Susan.

Julie's friend Risa

wedding limo

The limo ride to the reception and the wedding night,
before leaving for the honeymoon in Maui.

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