Weightman family header

Julie's Wedding Reception

Mr & Mrs Williams make their entrance

Matt & Julie - a kiss before eating

A kiss before eating is just the way to start a marriage.

bridesmaids and groomsmen

The new couple are at their own table, but are surrounded by bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Lorraine & NormHarry & Ellen

Lorraine has known Judy since grade school days. There have been shared vacations and shared troubles between Lorrain & Norm and the Heatons/Weightmans.

Harry & Ellen have been fast friends and cruise buddies with Craig & Patty for quite some time and loved celebrating this signal event with us.

Danielle, Jennifer & JobOlivia & C.J.

Julie's brother C.J. was married less than a year ago and is here with his wife Olivia.

Julie's sister Danielle is shown here with her cousin Jennifer & new husband Job. This marriage thing must be awfully catching.

the Neil Weightman family

Craig's brother Neil and his family joined in the festivities.

Matt's best manFrom left there is son Colin (hand only, shown on his wife Micki's shoulder); daughter Krista & her husband Dave; son Andrew & his girlfriend; Neil & Eve - parents of the brood. Only youngest sister Emily is missing.

Here the best man Steven
gets an early snack.

Bobbi Kay & Katy

Julie's friend and also the beautiful wedding singer Myra and her husband.

Craig & Patty's friend Katy and
daughter Bobi Kay made the
long drive to join them
for this occasion.

Time for the Buffet to start...

...an important part of any occasion -- eating!

Ricardo and Anita

Here Ricardo and Anita, on the Elduyen side of Judy's family (her mother) lead Patty Weightman and her mother Addie through the buffet line.

Elaine & Doug

Judy's cousin Elaine & Doug get their plates.

Judy at the buffet

Judy - mother of the bride.

Matt & Julie eating their first married food

Matt and Julie enjoying their first married meal.

Of course they didn't get to eat much this night.

bridesmaid's table digging in...

The bridesmaid's table, digging in.

Karen, Amanda, Samantha

Judy's cousin on the Heaton side of the family (Judy's father) Karen and her two daughters: Amanda & Samantha - Julie's cousins.

Paige & Julie

Julie and her new step-daughter Paige.

Julie goes from teaching special needs kids in high school to having her own special needs, with three new teenagers to handle.

Craig & Patty with Harry and Ellen

Craig and Patty don't go on many cruises without their close friends Harry and Ellen. We've toured a good deal of the world and enjoyed every minute of it.

Since we had just come back from a cruise to Hawaii, we were able to suggest some sights for Matt and Julie for their upcoming honeymoon in Maui.

Of course, who knows if either one of them was listening.

Julie & Matt toasting the wedding  cake

A toast before cutting the wedding cake.

Getting the job done.


Matt & Julie first dance

Matt and Julie's first married dance together.

Julie's dance with her dad

This may seem rather extreme, but if you know Craig, this is just what he would be doing as the dance ended.

Matt dancing with mother Rose

Matt dancing with his mother Rose

Patty & Craig

Patty & Craig enjoying a dance.

Matt dancing with new sister Danielle.

Addie & PattyJanice and ricardo

Janice and Ricardo were trying to dance the night away.

Addie, at 87 years young, is going to keep this up for as long as possible; especially tonight, with her daughter Patty.

The new Williams Family: Paige, Alex, Andrew, Julie, Matt

The couple finally has had enough and depart for their honeymoon.