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Honduras Vacation

C.J. & Olivia bordered closeup

Olivia & C.J. overlooking coastline

Honduras was the real honeymoon for C.J. and Olivia and they totally stopped what they were doing and sank into the country around them. There isn't much of a story to tell because the following pictures pretty much say it all.

C.J. between beach & forest

C.J. and Olivia visited the beach, where the volcanic rocks, the forest, and the sand came together.

Olivia & C.J. in swiming pool

Aaah! To have a fancy swiming pool with rocks and an invisible edge.

Honduran sunset over the swimming pool.

Olivia was up early the next morning, ready to prowl the beach and the pier.

Then it was time for breakfast and a libation at the Sea Breeze Inn.

Olivia - should I go in?Olivia with a liquid breakfast

Back to the hammock, where she waited with C.J. for the beautiful Honduran sunset - what a life.

C.J. relaxing on the porchOlivia in a hammockHonduran sunset
canalOlivia & C.J. approaching a river village

Investigating the local waterways, C.J. and Olivia visited nearby villages - mostly supported by work on the water.

They then ventured into a grove of Mangroves, with river pathways allowing passage through the thickets.

Mangrove forestMangrove forestMangrove forest


Olivia on the beachRiver villageOlivia & C.J. on beachStorm from the balconyStorm from the swimming pool

Finally, there were the last days of relaxation and village visiting, before the rains came and the vacation was finally at an end.

These final shots are from their balcony and their swimming pool. The storm surge is intimidating.