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Christmas 2005

The holidays started with C.J. driving down from northern California with Olivia's family. They stopped at our house and the first two pictures are taken there. They continued on to Judy's house in Newport Beach, where Christmas dinner was celebrated. Before Olivia's family returned, they stopped to see the Natural Museum at Exposition Park in downtown L.A. - next to the coliseum.

Craig & Patty's House

Craig & C.J.Olivia's family

Olivia's family: brother Graham, mother Karin, Olivia, sister Aria, C.J.

Craig & C.J. - with his eyes open.

Judy's House

Julie & Olivia with their stylish bonnets...

...being photographed by Graham & Aria...

...observed by Judy

Olivia & C.J.Danielle, Julie, Olivia

Olivia & C.J. would be married within a year, so this was their last single Christmas.

The sisters converse together - Danielle, Julie, and Olivia.

C.J.Danielle & Julie goofing off

C.J. with his wry smile...

...Danielle & Julie vamping

Olivia in deep conversation with her mother Karin.

mother Karin with daughter OliviaAunt Anita

Aunt Anita taking in all the horseplay.

We didn't know it at the time, but this Christmas was the beginning of our family expanding to quite a few more people and our visitors from Florida took some time to explore Los Angeles.

Natural Museum at Exposition Park

It is hard to see the people in these pictures, but the first is Julie & C.J. in front of the museum.

Then we see Olivia & C.J. in the Rose Garden

Finally there is Karin, wandering through the Rose Garden, enjoying all the different types of roses and other fauna.