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Danielle's Graduation 2007

Excitedly picking up the degree
picking up my degree

danielle & julie before the ceremony

Riverside, California - Early Sunday morning
Danielle and Julie were making sure everyone could get to the ceremony.

getting ready

University of California at Riverside
Walking into the staging area all the graduates
were carrying their robes.

patty with programpatty & addie waiting for ceremony to start
Patty with a program of the graduation.             Patty and Addie found a slight bit of shade - and they could see the presentation very well.


Celebrating as Danielle passes her family & friends.

I did itall attending family & friends

Now I get to wear my tassel on the left side.

Family and friends attending my graduation.
Job, Jenny hoops, Craig, Jennifer, Julie, grandma Addie, Olivia, mom, C.J.,

After the ceremony everyone wanted a picture with me so...

Mom                                         Craig                                                         Grandma Addie                           cousin Jennifer

danielle & momdanielle & craigdanielle & grandmadanielle & jennifer

M. J.                                                          Luke                                                          Julie & C.J.                                   Olivia

danielle & mjdanielle & lukedanielle, julie & cjdanielle & olivia

jobe, jennifermarianna, jenny, lukemarianna, jenny

Job and Jennifer - he just recently graduated medical school, but here are just happy for their cousin.

Marianna, Jenny, and Luke are happy for Danielle and that they can soon get into the shade.

Marianna and Jenny are oblivious to the older man being treated for dehydration by the EMTs.

olivia, cj

Olivia and C.J. celebrating their sister's graduation.

After the ceremony and pictures we went to lunch and everyone was able to sit down and relax.


C. J.