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Wedding of Robert & Nora

Wedding area in the Tao, Las Vegas Bistro

wedding alterThe wedding was held in the Tao Asian Bistro in the Venetian, on the Strip in Las Vegas. This nightclub/bistro is huge and the wedding took place in the main area, where a statue of the Buddha dominates the room.

wedding mardi grasThe reception was upstairs in a smaller room where the celebration was more like Mardi Gras than a normal wedding party. With an open bar and several wide ranging choices for a gourmet buffet, the dancing went on well into the night.

Robert and Nora arriving at their party.

Robert & Nora arriving at their party

Nora at her wedding partyNora certainly enjoyed her party.

Patty & Craig at Mardi Gras wedding party

Patty and Craig dressed the part. We don't have any photos of Craig eating, but that is only because he was also generally the one taking the pictures.

Patty before the wedding

Here is a picture of Patty before she added the mask and wrap.

We went back to our hotel and got these companion pictures of Las Vegas at night and early the next morning. Like many hot spots, the sights were much more exotic at night.

Las Vegas - night and day

Then we went to Robert and Nora's 15th floor town house, with an exotic view of the entire Las Vegas Strip from their curved living room window. It directly overlooks the Wynn golf course and we had fun with the family opening the wedding gifts.

I can't believe they said that!It's pretty, but where do we put it?What are we going to do with this?

It's pretty, but where do we put it?

        What are we going to do with this?

I can't believe they said that!

We both have to work together.

We both have to work together here.

I think that's the funniest thing yet!

I think that's the funniest thing yet!

Nora's parents from VenezuelaRobert's mother

Nora's parents had flown in from Venezuela, but Robert's mother lived in town.

Stu pensively looking out the windowOur mutual friend and accountant Stu was thinking his wife Jill would have to have one of these.

Nora, Robert, Patty, and Craig

Before we left we had to get a photo of the four of us: Nora, Robert, Patty, and Craig.