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Caleb's 1st Birthday Party

Caleb's 1st birthday party started out with him enjoying the family garden patch in the backyard.

As proud parents, C.J. and Olivia gave him his first piece of cake.

It was a real joy to see how he finally figured out what to do with this first official gift.

Olivia's piece of cake

It was only after all the cake got passed out that Olivia got to enjoy her piece.

Danielle, Olivia & Caleb opening presents

Then it was time for aunt Danielle to help Olivia and Caleb in opening his birthday presents.

Caleb and cars

When it was time to take a ride around Napa, Caleb had to be protected from himself. In this case by Danielle, C.J. and Olivia.

browsing in Yountville

Browsing around the beautiful town of Yountville with Olivia, C.J., grandma Patty & Caleb

marsh walk with the girls

Walking in the open spaces around Napa proved really enjoyable for all the girls: aunt Ari, aunt Danielle, Olivia, grandma Patty, plus the boys Kiki and Caleb.

C.J. and Graham

C.J. and uncle Graham examine the finer points of zoom lenses.

Caleb's kingdom

The birthday boy surveys all his kingdom with a critical eye.