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Addie's 91st Birthday

greetings at the start of the partyKyle & Noah greet Tim

The party started in the backyard by the Gazebo, with greetings all around.

Korvin is seen here greeting his cousin Harmony with her daughters Dove and Imagine on either side of aunt Patty. Harmony's husband Tim is sitting in the gazebo and Korvin's daughter Maya is looking at the camera.

Kyle with his infant son Noah greet
brother-in-law Tim.

Eric with Jennifer & JobRhiannon

Eric talks to cousin Jennifer and her husband Job while Eric's wife Rhiannon looks on.


Photographer Jay has a great picture of
 Christine and her son Anthony.

Matt & JulieImagine in the back yardDove, Daisy, and Danielle

Craig's children Matt & Julie take a spot on the outdoor couch for awhile, but...

 Imagine soon takes over that part of the yard.

Later Danielle watches over twins Dove and Daisy.

Jay gets two great photos of his brothers Paul and Chris.

PattyJob over a beer

Patty is busy organizing things while Job is relaxing over a beer - what a life!

Addie & Debbie talking to GaryHenry talking to Gary

Inside and upstairs, Addie and Debbie use Skype to communicate with son/brother Gary in Germany. It sure is fun to be able to use technology to keep in touch anywhere in the world.

Later Henry gets in on the conversation with his brother.

Imagine peeks around ChristineKorvin, Debbie, and Maya practice piano

Downstairs Korvin, Debbie, and Maya enjoy trying out the piano, while around the corner Imagine peeks around the new life in Christine's tummy.

Danielle is surprised while delivering the cupcakes she baked for the occasion. She and her mother Patty discuss how to put out these same cupcakes.

Danielle is surprisedDanielle & Patty with cupcakes

The Sweet Adelines prepare outside for their big musical number.

Sweet Adeline practicePatty & Debbie t-shirt frontPatty & Debbie t-shirt back

Patty and Debbie show off both sides of the Sweet Adeline t-shirts.

Addie on her throneSweet Adeline chorusAdeline joins the chorusSweet Adeline chorus, backs turned

Addie takes the center seat in the family room in preparation for the coming show.

Jennifer, Harmony, Debbie, Rhiannon, and Patty with Danielle behind - in the middle of their big number, "Sweet Adeline" sung to the tune of Sweet Caroline.

Addie gets up to join the show.

Following their number, they all turn around to show off the back of their shirts.

Danielle is certainly an enthusiastic performer.

Henry is a key onlooker; while Matt, Julie, and Craig don't seem to be quite as involved.

Sweet Adeline with Addie

The entire group is photographed at the end of the number. Here we see Debbie, Patty, Jennifer, Rhiannon, Danielle, and Harmony surrounding Addie.

Debbie checking Christine's pregnancyKyle & Noah

While all this is going on Debbie finds time to check out her new granddaughter inside Christine and Kyle presents his new son Noah.

Addie cutting the rugAddie & Chris dancing

Finally Addie decided to 'cut up the rug' while Debbie's husband Tom recorded the proceedings.

The last dance belonged to grandson Chris, dressed in his grandfather's WWII Army uniform - something Addie really enjoyed.