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Safari Park - formerly Wild Animal Park

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Four generations of Weightmans at Herb's bench


Some of the animals must be in more restricted cages and we see them close-up, but can't avoid seeing the wire mesh in our photographs.

The ocelot and the bald eagle both can be found in North America and must be kept caged to keep them from wondering.

Many birds make the park their home because of the amount of food available and safety from predators - as long as they don't spend much time on the ground in some of the areas.


Kids and merry-go-rounds were made for each other and here C.J. accompanies Caleb while riding a lion.

The junior elephant decided to take a swim while the 'bull' elephant was using the pool. This didn't go over too well and this confrontation resulted. After thrashing around in the water for a couple of minutes, the young elephant decided he didn't need to swim at this time. However, he dropped an elephant load as he left the pool - just to express his displeasure.

Patty posed with a gorilla statue and you realize that, while very large, gorillas don't fit in the Mighty Joe Young catagory.

Walking around a wooden path over the water, we were able to come quite close to a flock of flamingos.

While taking a tram around the African area of the park we were able to see many different animals in their natural habitat and mixed together, as they would be in the wild. Here we show giraffes, a cheetah, and vultures (nature's scavengers).

when you aren't hungry

When you aren't hungry, there are strange sights in the animal world.

We attended a bird show where trained wildlife glided very closely over our heads and performed for their trainers.

Finally, Caleb took a rest and examined the label on his great-grandfather's bench.