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Chris & Heather's Wedding

Man and Wife

The Ceremony

Chris getting button-holed by his motherHeather & dadFowzer side of the familyChris gets his Boutonniere pinned on by his mother, Debbie, while Uncle Sam looks on.

Father of the bride escorts her down the aisle

Debbie' brother and sister sit with their families.

The Reception

Bride & Groom arriving at the receptionTom & JayPatty, Debbie, and Henry

Chris & Heather arrived at the reception in a rather extraordinary fashion.

Chris' brother Jay with Tom.

Patty & Debbie with their brother Henry.

Danielle & RhiannonDebbie & Tom

Chris' cousins Danielle and Rhiannon, then Debbie and her husband Tom.

selfies are everywhere

Selfies seem to be everywhere, even at someone else's wedding.

Paul, Chris' younger brother is seen here with his dad, Dean.

Dean & Paul

Debbie Martin and Patty catch up on all the old news.

Debbie Martin & PattyDean & Danielle

Dean with Danielle and it is finally time to sit at a dinner table.

Paul, Henry, and JoniHead table

Paul, his uncle Henry and Joni are sitting, but of course the head table is reserved.

Meeting Andy's Parents

meeting Andy's parents

The next morning we drove down to a great breakfast spot on the coast in Solano Beach, CA - Claire's On Cedros.

Andy and Danielle have been dating for almost two years and they thought it time all the parents met - Andy & Danielle, Brenda & John, Patty (of course Craig got out of this by taking the picture).