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Spring 2015 - Trip to Napa

Las Pilitas bridge 2Las Pilitas bridge 1
Las Pilitas Bridge - Santa Margarita

Santa Margarita Area

The area just north of San Luis Obispo is perfect for interrupting a drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The rural area in mid-California just screams for pictures.

Napa Fun

Seeing Caleb is a big reason for going north, and here grandpa gets some real play time with  his grandson.

Harris Ranch Battery Swap

Driving back to Los Angeles we took the I5 route and stopped at the Harris Ranch supercharger. Since it also has a battery-swapping facility - the only one in the nation presently - we decided to visit and found Tesla staff preparing to receive a Tesla for a battery-swap.

The idea is to take only 5-10 minutes to swap your car battery (instead of supercharging for an hour or so) while travelling north or south and then to swap back on the return journey. This costs about as much as a tank of gas, but allows drivers in a hurry to be on their way, yet still use their Tesla for the trip.