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Swimming Pool Remodel

Before and After composite


While we were not going to be reshaping the pool in any way, we did have to demolish all the concrete surrounding the pool.

Then a complete repiping of the drains in and around the pool and all water control for the pool had to be constructed.

This included adding a second drain for both the pool and the spa to meet current safety requirements.

Pool repipingSpa piping
Coping completeRock Siding complete
Rock WaterfallDrain to street

The first thing to install was the coping around the pool and the vertical stone facing.

Two waterfalls were installed and the stone facing was also used around them.

Ground water drains were placed around both sides of the pool and the drain to the street had to be routed around the Liquid Elm in the front yard.

It was now time to pour the concrete.

Then the pool equipment had to be installed.

Pouring concreteNewly poured concretePre-equipment installPost-equipment installReady to plasterPlaster preparation

Plastering the pool took a crew of several men, but went quite quickly.

The final result was quite beautiful and filling the pool started immediately after the plastering was finished. It only took about 12 hours to fill the pool, then the spa, using two garden hoses with towels on the end to reduce direct water pressure on the newly plastered pool.

The final result certainly modernized and beautified our 45 year old pool.

Plaster close-upSpa plasterFilling poolPool almost fullDeep end fullPool after completion