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2016 Descanso Enchanged Forest of Light

Patty at Descanso's Forest of Light Patty in a field of changing lights

Spooky treesPatty in Enchanted Circle

Spooky trees are always fun, whether it's Halloween or heading into the Christmas holiday season.

Patty, here celebrating in the pegan alter of light.

The Light Button Jump

The Button Jump lights change color, both over time and when people jump on them.

Patty pausing on the Walk of Stars.

Patty on a Star-lit pathLight Forest Tea Garden

We had to travel through the Light Forest to reach...

...the Japanese Tea Garden area. The red lanterns here put everything in a different light.

Patty in Lighted Garden

Finally Patty sat down in a centeral area of the Path of Lights; just before we headed back to our car.