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The California Academy of Sciences Natural History Museum

View from the entrance

Osher Rainforest Exhibit

As you enter the museum you will see a large, clear globe on your right. This is a completely self-contained Rain Forest exhibit.

Patty is seen here on the winding pathway spiraling up this sphere.

On the way up we see the butterflies and other insects shown here.

Patty in RainforestRainforest butterflyRainforest Bug
Blind Albino Alligator

If, instead of turning right, you proceed straight ahead, through a meeting area, you will come to an exhibit below floor level with the blind albino alligator and turtle shown on the left.

This is the surface level of the aquarium contained one floor down.

Go down one level using the stairs to the left and you see the large body of water shown below. This contains the fish in the tank with the alligator - fortunately for the fish the alligator is blind.

Fish swarm below alligator

You wander through the aquarium exhibits and realize that some of them are connected - multiple views of the same tank - and some are smaller, standalone exhibits holding things like the jellyfish below.

JellyfishCircular Viewport
Air Breathing fishWood eating fish

This circular window has it's own private tank, while others are a different way to look at a large exhibit.

From the air breathing fish to the one with teeth for eating wood products, you realize there is more variety in the lakes and seas of the world than there is on land.

Weird frog
Olivia on roof of museum

There is a planetarium above a part of the aquarium exhibits and the shows here are quite stunning.

The Natural History covering land animals is more like other museums we have visited, but...

... climb the stairs to the roof and you find yet another new world, built on top of the exhibits below.