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Weekend in SLO

Craig, Steve, and Ilene
Craig - Steve - Ilene at the Sculpterra Winery

Daphne and PattyDaphne & Steve feeding alpacathe Cat at Sculpterra Winery

Daphne's farm is just north of San Louis Obispo and we started our Sunday there.

The animals certainly knew when food was around and wouldn't leave us alone. Of course we didn't want them to run away, but the two-day old baby on the main Event page was a bit shy.

We see Daphne and Patty reuniting here.

Upon arriving at the Sculpterra Winery, just east of Paso Robles, we all pulled up a chair in the garden and rested while several groups took turns performing. The picture is at top of this page.

After the performers finished we wandered the grounds and found many interesting sculptures. This 'cat' and 'prancing horse' sculptures were emblematic of the style this artist used.

Prancing Horse

It was a really fun weekend and we even had time to show off Patty's pretty red car.