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Anniversary in Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon driveNope! It's not what you think. That's Craig taking a picture

South Point Hotel & CasinoIt felt good to be back on the road, but was only a short dirve to South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Chris & Jerry in Red Rock Canyon

There we met Chris & Jerry - Patty worked with her at Princess Cruises in another life.

The first morning we all drove to downtown Las Vegas, stopping at 'eat' cafe for breakfast.

Although Cris & Jerry live in Las Vegas, none of us had ever driven through Red Rock Canyon and that became the first adventure for the day.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Park
Patty & Craig in Red Rock CanyonPatty esiting Tesla at High Point OverlookCraig repairing camera at Willow Creek

Patty & Craig windblown and sunblown in Red Rock Canyon

Patty getting out of the Tesla at the High Point Overlook viewpoint


Craig trying to fix his camera at Willow Creek - he succeeded

After dinner in downtown Las Vegas, we had an evening appointment at the Neon Museum.

Neon Museum Entrance & Sign

The museum used the La Concha building as their own entrance building - the sign shape matches the actual building shape.

Patty & Chris at the museum. Neither likes this picture, but it is the one we have.

Neon Museum Patty & ChrisNeon Museum Anderson's Dairy milkman

  Here is a famous   Anderson's Dairy   sign - founded in   1907.

  Of course we   can't forget the   Hard Rock Cafe...

Neon Museum Hard Rock Cafe
Patty & Craig at The BootliggerSouth Point Spa

Tuesday was our 25th anniversary and we spent it in the hotel spa, getting pampered and soaking up warm water; at the movies - also in the hotel - and went to dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant - The Bootlegger.

Area 15Craig - Don't forget the iceLlunch in Area 15

Remember the Meow Wolf Museum in Santa Fe, from an earlier vacation? Well, they opened up another museum in Las Vegas - Omega Mart, in a large cooperative space called Area 15 (a play on Area 51 - a government restricted area in southern Nevada).

It is a post-apocalyptic store with a rather alien backroom. A fun immersive experience, we recommend making an appointment to visit, if you are in physically reasonable shape.

Here we see Craig returning to the store through a freezer compartment.

We ate lunch at The Beast

Town Cente, Las Vegas

After this visit we returned to the hotel for another movie - at $4 we caught three movies during our stay (Free Guy, Jungle Cruise, and Stillwater) and finished the day wandering Town Center (an enjoyable outdoor mall south of The Strip).

Eddie's World, Yermo, CAEddie's World candy store

The next morning we set off for home, stopping at Eddie's World in Yermo to charge the car and pick up several types of unique candy.