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Caleb at birth

Caleb James Weightman

Born: 14 September 2009 at home in Cathedral City, California

Caleb at 6 months, mom & grandma Patty

Olivia, grandma Patty and Caleb hiking in the Cathedral Canyon.

Caleb is about 6 months old here.

Caleb at 9 months

By the time he reached 9 months old Caleb was already following his dad in his discriminating taste for beverages.

Caleb at 10 months

When the family moved to Napa, Caleb soon took up gardening.

The problem was he ate his profits before they were made.

Caleb at his 1 year birthday party

For his first birthday party Caleb showed he could take on pretty much any cupcake you could feed him.

Caleb at 18 months in the daisiesCraig, Patty, KiKi, Olivia, Caleb, C.J.

By 18 months Caleb began to tell you what he didn't want - like bothering him while he was eating daisies.

Here we see grandparents Craig & Patty with KiKi next to Olivia, Caleb and C.J. standing on a bridge over the Napa River.

Caleb is getting big,
 as you can see.

Caleb at 2 years old

Olivia, C.J., & Caleb in June 2011.

Caleb, the imp, at 2 years old.

Patty, KiKi, Caleb, & Olivia in July 2012

Patty, KiKi, Caleb, & Olivia in July 2012 at the grandparents

Travel Town 2012 with Caleb & C.J.

Caleb and C.J. on an engine – Travel Town in Los Angeles