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This is a new section of the website, dedicated places we revisit and add pictures changing over time. Expect to see pictures of ourselves and how we've changed over the years, or just those pictures that move us and we want to share them with others. The Gallery is growing organically so there will probably be changes as we add to it.

Our grandson Caleb in his 7th year, nearing one year old in August 2010 on the Russian River in Northern California and riding without training wheels at 3.
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Book Synopsis's

Use this link to view books we have read that were good enough we wrote a paper covering what the book was about. Since most of these books were checked out of our local library, this list also serves as a reference for our future use.

Sometimes these papers are in outline form and sometimes they include key insights and statements in the book. This is a good place to determine whether or not you want to read the book.

Sights in Southern California

sunset next door

The first picture is a Winter sunset near our house. The view is toward Griffith Park, across the east end of the San Fernando Valley. We all see these scenes frequently, but we rarely stop to think just how beautiful each and every day can be.

Bicentennial Park is a local destination that is a beautiful place to walk KiKi or to simply get away from any hustle. Here we see the fall colors in full force - during the winter in Southern California.

Bicentennial Park colorsburned tree in Switzer campground winter view near Mt. Wilson

Short drives into the mountains always yield views that were made for cameras. In this case a burned tree - wildfires are a constant threat here - protrudes amid new growth on a mountain slope entering Switzer Campground.

Near Mt. Wilson a turn in the road yields a variety of textures. Here we look toward Mt. Baldy in the distance, with snow on the ground during a California winter day.

The Huntington Library

The Blue Boy

One of our favorite local places to visit, this is the estate of Henry E. Huntington in San Marino, CA.

The grounds serve as a varied botanical garden, the art galleries are extensive, and the library even contains a Gutenberg Bible.

Here is a view of the Japanese Gardens.

The original Gainsborough painting of Blue Boy lives here.

Descanso Gardens

Road through Descanso Gardens

This property belonged to newspaper magnate E. Manchester Boddy, who owned the Los Angeles Daily News. He ran a commercial camellia garden on the location, under a forest of California Oaks. It was donated to Los Angeles County in 1953 and has been a beautiful place to go to experience the natural feel of early California.

Since it is near our home, we have been members for many years.