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Events in Our Lives

Life is usually marked by events, both large and small. Sometimes a picture and short description is all that is needed to bring back our good memories. However, we also have those times when we need a separate page of pictures and words to relive a particularly memorable time.

Valentine's Day

14 February 2023

GiGi & Patty Valentine 

For Valentine's Day we actually went to Disneyland - well California Adventure - and we couldn't take GiGi. Therefore Patty had to have this picture taken at the Americana, since GiGi is certainly part of our Valentine.

Craig coloring a Lunar New Year fan

Here we see Craig coloring a Lunear New Year fan. We sampled a number of Oriental dishes throughout the park.

Craig's 80th Birthday

2 December 2022

Craig's 80th Birthday

Craig turned 80 and we decided to take a 'Sidways' trip to California's Central Coast.

Sidways Inn

The trip started by staying overnight at the Sideways Inn in Buellton,

...then having dinner at the Hitching Post.

If you don't know what we are talking about, you must stream the movie tonight.

Craig & Patty at the Hitching Post

The next morning we drove up to San Louis Obispo and stayed there with our friends Steve and Ilene.

Joshua Tree National Park

14 April 2022

CJ, Caleb, Craig at Joshua Tree

Caleb and C.J. invited grandpa to join them on the last night of their mini-vacation camping trip to Joshua Tree National park. They met at the Indian Cove Campground just outside of 29 Palms, CA.

Joshua Tree is desert, on the border between the high desert and the low desert in Southern California. While it looks pretty barren, there are many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and plants to be found here - if you look for them.

This picture of C.J., Caleb, and Craig was shot from their campground.

Danielle's Wedding Shower

9 April 2022

Andy & Dani

Danielle's wedding shower was held in our house. Andy helped bringing in the supplies needed, then he and the rest of the men left the women to enjoy their time together.

Danielle opening presents 

There was an extensive buffet laid out, plus a mimosa bar, and everyone was able to get what they wanted and head outside for the rest of the fun.

Fire in the neighborhood

9 October 2021

fire in the neighborhood

Late at night we woke up smelling smoke. Fortunately it wasn't our house, but our neighbor across the way wasn't so lucky. Something caught fire in the garage and smoke was so heavy in the house that it will have to be almost completely rebuilt, even though the fire didn't spread beyond the kitchen. We live in a fire danger zone and there were seven fire trucks all lined up on our small street.

C.J.'s New Mustang

3 October 2021

CJ's new car

Finally C.J. got his 'muscle car' - a new, stick shift Mustang. They can't keep up with the new EVs, but they sound 'cool'.

He picked it up in Orange County and stopped by on his way home to Napa, CA.

Napa Visit

29 August-2 September 2021

Patty & Craig in Sonoma

We haven't been to see C.J., Olivis, and Caleb in their home in over a year. Time to hit the road again, if only for another few days.

Christopher was available to watch GiGi, so we went.

We got in a family outing to an open shopping area in Sonoma - Cornerstone, where this picture was taken,

Sunday & GiGi

Christopher made sure GiGi had company at home. Here Danielle brought over Sunday to play one morning.

25th Anniversary in Las Vegas

15-19 August 2021

Stardust Neon Entrance Sign

The glitz and glamor of Las Vegas is represented in these old neon signs, currently found in the Neon Museum just north of the downtown casinos. We also see Patty's friend Chris, taking a little time getting off her feet after a long day.

It has been exactly one year since we have taken any kind of trip and we couldn't wait any longer. It was a simple drive to Las Vegas, but we got in a lot of activities in just four days - breakfast at our favorite downtown eatery, a drive through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, a visit to the Neon Museum, a day in a luxurious spa, and a visit to the Meow Wolf/Omega Mart interactive exhibit in Area 15.

April's Fools Day

1 April 2021

Craig, GiGi, Patty on April Fool's Day

It is April's Fools day, but this is no joke. GiGi really did get her beautiful coat sheared off.

Havanese have two coats - this actually helps keep them cool in the summer, necessary in Cuba where they come from. Particularly around 1 year, the under coat can grow differently than the outer coat and this results  in extensive matting. We never saw this with KiKi, but we haven't been as religious in thorough daily grooming as is needed at this age. When it came time to trim her, the groomer simply gave up and cut back everything except the ears and tail.

Compared to the picture below, she looks quite strange. However, her face is still really cute, she gets lots of comments, and seems even more rambunctious than before.

Valentine's Day

February 2021

Valentine's Day RosesValentine's Day Dinner Out

By Valentine's Day, restaurants in L.A. County were able to serve customers outside. Since we hadn't been out to a restaurant since October, we celebrated - even if the day was quite breezy.

We left our roses at home, enjoyed the first dinner out in the new year, and walked Montrose for a bit, before returning to our seclusion. To be honest, we can't really complain about spending almost all of our time on our property - even if the traveling bug is really getting to us.

By this time Craig has received both of his COVID19 shots and Patty is scheduled for her second in a couple of weeks.

Kamala & Bernie

January 2021

Kamala & Bernie

Kamala and Bernie are part of the 2021 culture.

Patty's shirt helps us to remember how to pronounce Kamala's name - a reminder that mispronouncing a person's name is a way of discounting them, because they are not important enough for us to make the effort or they are so different from us.

Bernie -- well, he was simply being Bernie.

2020 Xmas Card2020 Xmas Card2020 Xmas Card

24th Anniversary in Del Mar

17 August 2020

In this COVID year, we decided to take three days to ourselves and drive the 100 miles to Del Mar, CA. Except for visits to the racetrack there, we had never spent time in Del Mar and we wanted to get to know this seaside village part of the Southern California beach scene.

Les Artistes Hotel with Patty in frontPatty feeding parrot at 'Free Flight'

Our anniversary is on a Monday, so we drove down Sunday and stayed at a real 'original' - the Les Artistes Hotel - one of the older structures along this part of the coast.

The next morning we got up and visited the exotic bird sanctuary "Free Flight", where Patty got to feed one of the parrots.

GiGi Bean's Arrival

13 July 2020

GiGi Bean Weightman

GiGi Bean Weghtman was born 15 May and we picked her up and brought her home today. She comes from the same breeder we got KiKi from in 2001. Here we see Patty with our new family member.

Patty's first picture with GiGi

Patty's New Harp

06 June 2020

Patty and her new harpFor the last year-and-a-half Patty has been taking harp lessons. Of course we used a rental harp, but as her interest continued, she wanted her very own Celtic Harp.

We looked around and she finally chose a Triplett Harp, made in San Luis Obispo, CA. We ordered the harp early this year, but it wasn't ready until now.

California has only recently somewhat opened up from the shelter-at-home order necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We took this time to drive to San Luis Obispo and bring back her instrument.

It now has a permanent place in our living room where Patty practices and plays.

Danielle & Andy Engagement Party


29 February 2020

Danielle and Andy got engaged on her birthday - 1 January.

Their friends threw them a suprise engagement party and below is a picture of Danielle & Andy coming through the front door. It was a total shock and it took a few seconds for her to realize what was happening.

Danielle & Andy entranceHere is a picture of the happy couple with their parents

Craig & Patty and Brenda & John


LA Times headline

The Death of Kobe Bryant

26 January 2020

Staple Center farewell to Kobe

Farewell sign at Staples Center/LA Live on Monday evening.

Laker lights and Kobe's jersey numbers (8 & 24) on the InterContintal Hotel building in downtown Los Angeles

InterContinental Hotel Laker Kobe lightsLA City Hall Kobe Laker lights

Los Angeles City Hall decked out in Laker Colors - goodbye to our legend.


Birthday at Disneyland

Birthday at Disneyland

2 December 2019

Craig was 77 this day and Patty treated him to a day-at-Disneyland.

While Patty has an annual pass to Disneyland and frequently goes with her friend Vanessa, Craig hadn't been there for several years.

Entrance to Galaxy's Edge

Of course we first had to visit the new attraction - Galaxy's Edge.

Join us for a few pictures in this attraction.

LA Zoo Lights

24 October 2019

Jennifer, Ashley, &  Brooke with Patty & Craig

Every year the LA Zoo puts on a Christmas light show in the zoo. This night we got tickets and went with Jenniffer, Ashley, & Brooke.

The kids had great fun, but the 'Twinkle Tunnel' was not only a highlight, but there was enough light for our pictures to sort of come out.

Day-of-the-Dead on Olvera Street in Los Angeles

2 November 2019

Gladys, Patty, &  Brad on Olvera Street

A Day-of-the-Dead celebration couldn't pass without Gladys getting us all together on Olvera Street - face painting required (almost everybody).

Patty went as the dancer...

...Gladys went as a butterfly...

...Brad went as dead Brad.

Craig -- well, he was a spoil-sport.

Patty taking in the sunPatty & the Gladys butterflyCraig & Patty

Descanso Garden Pumpkins

23 October 2019

The yearly Halloween Festival in Descanso Gardens was a walk-of-the-pumpkins in 2019.

The carved pumpkins came in a number of different varieties - all beautiful. Only a sample are represented here.

Look carefully at the photo to the left. You can see both a skeleton head and a woman looking in the mirror.

Below we see a roaring lion, a familiar horror scene by the fire, portraits of people who died this year - Stan 'the man' Lee, and the Mexican Day-of-the-Dead theme.

The Four Tops & The Temptations in San Diego

7 August 2019

The Four Tops & The Temptations

We travelled to San Diego to hear the Four Tops and the Temptations.

It was really fun 60's music night.

This was the end of our summer of music - -

-- Patty sure organized the fun well this year.

Visiting Cousins in Phoenix

22 July 2019

The Wood family cousins managed to meet on this trip to Phoenix. These are male members of the Wood family that grew up in the West - Fred, Craig, Larry, and Pete.

Cousins Fred, Craig, Larry, PeteCousin's families in Phoenix

The families are: Patty & Craig, Kim & Fred, Gert & Pete (old friends), and Cristie & Larry

Hugh Jackman @ The Hollywood Bowl

19 July 2019

Hugh Jackman's performance was one of the very best shows we have seen at the Bowl. They certainly know what to do with the lighting.

Hugh Jackman @ Hollywood Bowl

Family Visit

6 July 2019

CJ, Caleb, & Olivia visit Patty & Craig

CJ, Olivia, & Caleb drove south from Napa to visit over the 4th of July holiday.

Rarely do we get a family picture where everyone is smiling at the same time - sort of.

Abba Tribute Band @ The Hollywood Bowl

30 June 2019

Abba tribute band at the Hollywood Bowl

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

7 June 2019

Neil & Craig at dad's bench in Safari Park

Here are Neil and Craig sitting on dad's bench.

Herb Weightman supported the Park up until his death in 2004. The brothers Weightman thought it would be appropriate to get him his own bench to look out over the Lion exibit - his particular favorite area.

This lion was just a cub when dad was visiting.

Wild Goose Newport Harbor Cruise

2 June 2019

The Wild Goose

June is a month with three family birthdays - Patty, her older brother Henry, and Joni's daughter Jenny. Since Henry is such a John Wayne fan, we decided to all go on his boat - the Wild Goose - in Newport Beach harbor.

Henry and 'The Duke'

He bought the boat in 1962 as a retired WWII minesweeper and rebuilt it to his specifications. Now you can make reservations to visit and take a 2-hour tour of the Newport Harbor - sound familiar old TV fans - yes, Gilligan's Island was filmed near the entrance to this harbor.

The group is seen in front of the Wild Goose and consists of Jenny, Clinton, Joni, Henry, Patty, Craig.

Emily's Birthday Party

31 March 2019

Cousin Power

Emily's birthday brought out her brothers and cousins Brooke and Ashley - on the left. Trevor is standing next to Emily and Sean is leaning against the sign. All had to wear their Cousin Power t-shirts for this picture.

Her birthday party was held at a local trampoline playland and everyone was bouncing around - including Patty.

Bouncing Patty

Phoenix & Las Vegas

17-22 March 2019

Craig & Patty - Mike & Marilyn

Travelling to Phoenix and Las Vegas to see friends, we stopped first at Mike & Marilyn's home.

Christmas Day

25 December 2018

Craig, Patty, Ilene, SteveAfter our party, all the family went their own special directions for Christmas Day, so we decided to spent it in Las Vegas, NV - with our friends Steve & Ilene.

It was really a relaxing time, where we still did quite a number of things. First it was Downtown Las Vegas walking the covered open area there, then we drove to the Strip and walked through the Mandalay Bay Shopping Center to the Luxor, where we saw the Blue Man Group perform. After that it was a great Christmas dinner - shown left - followed by Steve & Craig going to the motor home to watch the Laker game played that day - they won.

The next day we first met with some fellow investors for lunch and reminiscing, then took in a movie at South Point Casino. Following the movie we drove up the strip to the Venetian and spent our time eating and shopping at the Venice-type mall there.

Craig, Patty, Steve, Ilene at Christmas

Looking back, it was a jam-packed trip, but somehow we were very relaxed - perhaps it was the company, seen right at Sam's Town Hotel/Casino lighted inner courtyard, where we stayed.

Family Christmas Party

23 December 2018

2018 Christmas Family Gathering2018 Christmas Family Gathering

Here is most of the family, gathered at the Weightman house. Back row: Danielle, Jay, Henry, Craig, Patty, Joni, Job, Brent, Sean, Trevor, Ben, Andy, John, Brenda. Middle row: Christine, Daisy, Dove, Imogene, Rhiannon, Harmony, Debbie Martin. Front row: Jennifer, Brooke, Ashley, Emily, Juan

The moon at Descanso Gardens

Descanso Gardens Holiday Lights

23 November 2018

Lights are a theme this year and - like we did in November 2016 - we revisited Descanso Gardens and took in their light show. It was similar to what we saw two years ago, but we enjoyed it with family - Jennifer & Job Augustine and their small daughters Ashley & Brook.

Jennifer did take this fabulous shot of the full moon through the Descanso Garden foliage and it certainly deserves a place here.

Entrance to Moonlight ForestMoonlight Forest at the Arboretum

15 November 2018

The LA Arboretum has a holiday lights program this year that illustrates Chinese culture in lights. It is a unique presentation of both lights and the Chinese perspective of the world.

We no sooner got back from our cross-country vacation than we started the holiday festivals.

We have a number of pictures, but they tell their own story and we will not have a lot to say.


Kitty Leaves Us

30 July 2018

Kitty has been part of our family since Craig's mother died in June 2009 and we took in her cat. She was always quiet and kept to herself, but she learned to enjoy petting more and more as she grew older.

The last few years, as she became deaf, she became more fearful of walking around by herself and made her presence known - if only to frighten off any possible dangers.

She had the sweetest disposition and loved to spend her time relaxing in the sun of the living, dining, and family rooms.

Patty & Vanessa as Mickey

Disneyland Annual Passes

June 2018

Patty and Vanessa both have annual passes to Disneyland. During the summer the passes are invalid - too many others want to fill Disneyland's coffers - so there is almost an annual trip in June, just before the blocked out time, to make sure they get their summer fix in.

They generally dress the part, with all the Mikey paraphernalia they own, and this year was no different.

Alpaca with babies

Weekend in San Louis Obispo

18-21 May 2018

We had met Ilene and Steve as fellow investors and, with the investment sold, we had both planned a cruise vacation on the same ship. It was there we met in-person for the first time. It was a fun experience for all concerned and they invited us up to their place for a weekend in May. This is when we took them up on their offer and took Patty's Model 3 for a last extended trip.

Aside from the friendly interaction, there were two events of particular note that occurred on the same day.

We first stopped by Patty's childhood friend Daphne's ranch - she raises alpaca. She had one baby that was just a couple of days old and everyone got really excited.

Next we went to the Sculpterra Winery, where the metal sculptures were fantastic.

San Francisco Museum

4 February 2018

CJ at SF Musuem

We took our new car and drove up to see C.J., Olivia, and Caleb over the weekend. Any excuse to drive and see family.

While nothing beats driving an EV, the Model S does seem a bit more comfortable for long-distance travel. Patty, however, is not going to relinquish her red Model 3 around town for anything.

C.J. got a chance to drive the new Tesla and took us around the north coast area on Saturday and to The California Academy of Sciences, a research institute and natural history museum in San Francisco, on Sunday.

The Museum is rather spectacular and this picture of Caleb
 standing in front of one of the exhibits was very striking.

IMO, this is what a modern museum should look like, with standard exhibits, complete eco-systems, a planetarium, and a wide variety of ways to present exhibits of the natural world to the visitor.

Our pictures don't do justice to all the types of presentations available to everyone. We plan to return again, several times as we are able.



Patty's New Car

2 January 2018

Picking up Patty's Model 3

Patty's red convertible is being retired after many years of great service. In it's place is a new, red Tesla Model 3.

We took our place in line on 31 March 2016 and ordered the car on 22 Nov 2017. On Tuesday, 2 Jan Patty & Craig went to pick up her car.

Tesla doesn't have paperwork - everything is on-line - and there is nobody to sell you anything extra.

Signing the paperwork?

Monrovia Falls

2 December 2017

Trail lto Monrovia FallsMonrovia Falls

Patty discovered this beautiful park in Monrovia, so - on Craig's 75th birthday - we drove up to this park and hiked several miles back in to Monrovia Falls. Patty is shown on the trail to the falls and Craig is standing next to the falls. Not much by waterfall standards, but a fantastic retreat close to the crowded San Gabrial Valley.

Combo elipseSolar Eclipse

21 August 2017 -- We travelled to Klamath Falls, OR to view the solar eclipse with Patty's friend Steve. We are all shown below looking skyward.

To the left are two photos of the eclipse taken mere seconds apart during maximum coverage. The camera is set to 1/4000 sec and f16 for both shots, but the first was taken straight and the second was taken through the special viewing glasses.

As you can see, without the glasses it looks as though there is a complete sun in the picture. This, and the fact that the temperature dropped around 20 F, indicates just how powerful our sun really is. Makes you feel somewhat insignificant.

Steve, Craig, Patty starring at the eclipse

Saying Goodbye Again

5 August 2017

Dinner at Taylor's with Brad & Gladys

Brad & Gladys lived next door to us in a small cottage for nine years. During that time Patty & Gladys found time to do many things together, but Brad's job was in the mountains near San Bernadino and he was away all week. Finally Gladys was able to find a teaching position there and they left Los Angeles for the wooded mountains. We wish them and their two cats the best of luck - but keep the cats indoors.

Patty & KiKi Memorial PictureKiKi Leaves Our Lives, But Not Our Hearts

5 July 2017

Today we said good-bye to our little, well-loved family member.

KiKi came to us from Carefree, AZ in July 2001, when he was 12 weeks old. We had seen him four weeks earlier and decided he was the one for us, but he was too young to leave his brothers and sisters.

Addie Fowzer, Patty's mother, suggested the name KiKi. It came from the Spanish nickname for Henrique. Henry was Patty's father's name and his mother, from Guadalajara, used the nickname KiKi for him all his life; he had died the previous November.

He was the puppy who was constantly either chasing or running from all the other puppies in his extended family. Besides, he loved to tear up the newspapers in his rather large cage. However, he was a 'Velcro' dog and absolutely loved being around people and cars. This was a dog with a 'lover' personality, not an 'aggressive' one.

KiKi loved travel and would go and sit by the car whenever we would open the garage door to get to the laundry. He got his ultimate wish when he joined us on an 8-week tour of the United States in 2014 - see a visual travelogue in the Vacations section.

He allowed Patty to dress him in all kinds of costumes and you can see many of them in this Events section and on KiKi's page on the Home screen.

Honoring Adam West

15 June 2017

Adam West passed away at the age of 88 last week. The iconic Batman TV series of the 1960s defined Adam for the rest of his life and he came to embrace it. The literal recreation of the comic hero in the TV series foreshadowed the concept of 'camp' on television.

On his death a number of cites in the U.S. decided to honor his memory by having a Batman gathering at 9PM on the 15th of June. In Los Angeles this included the mayor and Adam West's extended family present while the police chief picked up the red phone and initiated the flashing of the bat-signal near the top of the Los Angeles City Hall.

We were there and the crowd filled Grand Park for several blocks from Grand Avenue to City Hall on Spring Street.

It was a short ceremony, but it was fun for all the different peoples who make up the City of Los Angeles to come together.

KiKi at 16

KiKi's 16th Birthday

2 April 2017

Havanese lifespan is between 13 and 14 years, but KiKi has certainly beaten the odds.

Of course we have trimmed off his long hair, because it is easier to keep clean and he is much more comfortable. His exercise mainly consists of walking in large, concentric circles, but he can do this for hours. Other than that he sleeps a lot.

As a valued family member, he is entitled to age in his own manner, but every day we enjoy giving him attention and seeing to his needs.

California Adventure ThreesomeDisneyland - California Adventure

15 March 2017

Patty and Vanessa both have yearly passes to Disneyland - and take advantage of this fact as much as they possibly can. Craig was gifted with a 3-Day pass, each day at one of the two parks - Disneyland and California Adventure. Since Craig hadn't ever been to California Adventure, he spent two days there and one day in Disneyland. This trip was to California Adventure.

Here Vanessa, Craig, and Patty are posing in front of a waterfall near the entry to the Grizzly Peak area. It is to the right as you enter this park.

Disneyland has everything organized off Main Street U.S.A., but California Adventure has a number of different ways to travel around the various sections of the park.

California Adventure Map

President's Day Rally

20 February 2017

Indians & Immigrants

There was a rally today, in front of the Los Angeles City Hall - and all over the country. It was part of the ongoing protests about policies put forth by the current President.

The best sign Craig saw at the rally was this one.

If you want to see a few more of the signs, click on the picture or title above.

Swimming Pool Remodel Finished

January 2017

Plastering the pool

Along with remodeling the kitchen, we also completely updated our swimming pool. We didn't change the shape, but we did replace everything associated with the pool, including the coping around the pool, the concrete, all the drains and plumbing, and the equipment. We added a pair of water features and led lights and look forward to quieter and much more efficient pool operation.

The last job was to plaster the pool and the picture here shows all the workmen getting the job done in about 6 hours.

Home Remodel Finally Ends

31 December 2016

old and new home remodel

From early August through today, our home has been under constant renovation. We completely rebuilt our kitchen-dining room area, taking out a wall, a hallway, and stairs - all to update and expand our kitchen. The result is spectactular, but the process was very hard on the two of us and our animals (KiKi and Kitty).

You don't realize until you do something like this just how much you rely on habits and familiarity in your home to keep you sane while the world continues to change around you.

In addition we revitalized our family room and downstairs bathroom. Now they serve as both an entertainment central-command and the focal jumping-off point for our swimming pool area. The pool is also undergoing a complete renovation and we will publish pictures of that when it is finished.

Heritage Square Museum

4 December 2016

Heritage Square Homes

Craig's brother Neil works with the Heritage Square Association to insure the preservation of grand old Victorian homes built in Los Angeles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The homes are bought, moved, then carefully renovated at a location along the Pasadena Freeway - appropriately, the oldest freeway in Los Angeles.

This day they had an annual affair where members of the organization, including Neil, put on short skits in several of the houses. Neil's wife Eve, Patty, and Craig all took a tour that covered each of the houses and thoroughly enjoyed the skits.

As the sun sets, lights come on in Heritage Square and it can be quite a sight.

Heritage Square at dusk

Craig's Birthday Dinner

2 December 2016

With all the disruption that accompanies four months of a major home renovation, Craig & Patty really enjoyed this birthday dinner with Jennifer & Job and Danielle & Andy. It was at Bourbon Steak in Glendale and everyone but Patty had a steak - Patty had halibut. Seventy-four and still able to lift 315lbs.Jen & Job, Andy & Danielle at birthday dinner

Descanso Garden's Enchanted Forrest of Light

30 November 2016

Craig & Patty at the Forest of Light

Descanso Gardens always does amazing things during the holidays. This year it was and Enchanted Forest of Light that visitors could walk through over the extensive grounds.

The last day of November was a chilly one and we wrapped up to enjoy the varied shapes and colors.

There is not a lot to say about the time we spent here, except to say enjoy the pictures we captured - it was a fun holiday event.

San Diego Mini-Vacation

24-27 July 2016

Hornblower harbor cruiseLisa, an old friend of Patty's, and her son Frank flew to San Diego from their home in New York to attend the Comic-Con convention. On Sunday Patty drove down to meet them and her niece Jennifer, along with her daughters Ashley & Brook, joined her for two days.

On Monday they all toured San Diego, including a Hornblower cruise of the fabulous San Diego harbor. In the picture we see Brook, Jennifer, Frank, Patty, and Lisa.

Jennifer couldn't stay the next day - for the San Diego Zoo - but Patty, Lisa, and Frank closed up the joint.

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

5 April 2016

Patty & Craig at Antelope Valley Poppy PreserveThis year the California Poppies were supposed to be spectacular. However, the rain didn't fall at the proper time in California and fields of golden color simply didn't appear this spring.

Patty and Craig had never been out to the Poppy Reserve and we both wanted to get out this day. We got there by the less travelled path - San Francisquito Canyon Rd. - and it was a beautiful and sports car like ride.

The Reserve, however, looked pretty much like the picture on the left. There were a few poppies - very few - but the day was warm, the hikers were non-existant, and the volunteers were very helpful. We came home refreshed and glad we went.

KiKi's 15th Birthday

2 April 2016

KiKi on his 15th birthday

Today is KiKi's 15th birthday. Havanese are supposed to have a lifespan of between 13 and 14 years, but KiKi has lived an extraordinary life and it seems he is still enjoying it - though you can't tell by the expression on his face.

Mostly he sleeps and walks, pretty much in circles. He is fairly active in this and seems to enjoy being able to go 'round n 'round without running into things for quite a while before settling down for a nap. While his pleasures are simple, he isn't shy about informing you when something is bothering him - still a relatively rare occurance.

KiKi had a birthday party at a park nearby and most all of his doggy friends and their master's came by to say hi, sniff, and enjoy some treats. There are a couple of additional pictures over on KiKi's page - you can get to it by clicking on the title or the picture.

Emily's 5th Birthday Party

Family at Emily's Birthday Party13 March 2016

Emily Satoris was born 26 March 2011, but this year she wanted to celebrate a Valentine's Day/Birthday on the 13th of March, so a park party was organized.

The park party had playground fun, a Disney Princess bouncy-castle for everyone 10 and under, food and drink, and even a piņata full of candy and trinkets.

It was great fun seeing friends and relatives from both sides and everyone was glad they could make it.

Here we see the entire family. Christine's son Anthony next to Christine, then Jay holding Emily, and Sean completes the top row. Trevor is burning up the entire front row.

L.A. Zoo Lights

17 December 2015

L.A. Zoo LightsOver many years Griffith Park had a tradition of presenting a street of Holiday Lights nightly along the street leading through the park and past the L.A. Zoo. The last two years this has changed to being  a light presentation within the Zoo itself. Last year was quite fun and we went again last night to see if anything was done differently - it was.

The entrance was well lite and a theme of lighted monkeys was observed throughout the park. The numbers in the picture to the left represented specific themed areas where people could observe shows and - sometimes - actually the animals themselves.

It was a cold night - for Southern California - and Patty kept herself bundled up.

Dream Weaver II

Picking up the new Tesla13 December 2015

Picking up the new DreamWeaver was a family affair. C.J., Olivia, and Caleb drove down from Napa and Patty & Craig drove north to the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA to pick up the new S70D intended to get us around the country in the coming years.

The car had 12 miles, that ballooned to 520 by the time we arrived home the following evening. This day we took turns driving up to Napa and celebrating the holidays with our grandson.

Per usual, our trip south the next day wasn't without incident, but we did get to thoroughly test out the Adaptive Cruise Control and AutoPilot - and were very impressed.

The drive was much less stressful, what with the car adjusting to the speed of traffic and the AutoPilot keeping the car in its lane - over hills and around curves. It even changes lanes by itself, once you tell it to. After the 400 mile mark on any day, the driving tends to get more tedious and that's when the AutoPilot is so very helpful.

Harry Ducote

Harry Ducote

1 October 1943 - 28 November 2015

Craig's best friend and cruise buddy passed away today.

Harry had been in declining health, but it was still a shock for his wife, Ellen, and all the rest of us.

Harry & Ellen have been cruising with Craig & Patty since 2002 and we have all had some great times - both on-board ships and around the Southern California area. Many of our trips are chronicled in the Vacation portion of this website. Craig will be thinking of Harry as he enjoys a shot of the local hooch and a pint of the local beer in any new ports he visits.

Harry had also served as Craig & Patty's lawyer, helping complete Craig's adoption of his daughter Danielle, insuring that Craig's investments were well represented, and serving as a great sounding board for our sometimes crazy ideas.

As a friend and as a man Harry represented the kind of character we all aspire to. He touched so many lives and all in a positive way - unless you were on the other side of him in a courtroom.

Harry will be sorely missed, but he will certainly not be forgotten.

Farewell to Dream Weaver

11 November 2015

Dream Weaver I

Our Tesla has been part of the family for almost three years and we have gone everywhere with her. However, we will be crisscrossing the U.S. several times over the next few years and the a new Tesla S70D will give us more range between charges, unlimited mile warranty on the battery and motor. The dual motors will make driving in the northern U.S. in winter possible without snow tires - we still must be very careful. Besides, the Autopilot feature will make those long-distance drives much easier and safer because the car keeps itself in the proper lane and will completely stop if a car in front comes to a stop (it will even start up itself after stopping).

The car has the capability to be named and we had named her Dream Weaver. It was 2014, after Patty's mother had passed away, that we decided on a trip around the U.S. in our Tesla. Dream Weaver was the song Patty thought about, in regards to the events leading up to and during our trip, so everything just fit for this car.

However, it was like parting with a grown up child and Craig had withdrawal symptoms the day after one of Patty's friends took the car and made it her own.

Now it is a month without an electric car - we ordered the new one, but it won't be delivered until sometime in December. We kept the black color, but the interior will be much different, as will the wheels.

Halloween 2015

Patty, KiKi, Craig in Montrose

31 October 2015

Halloween is always a fun time and this year we decided to make insurance our good time. Patty - of course - went as Flo, the Progressive Agent, while Craig - after our Tesla was hit by a deer in the city of Glendale, CA - went as a Hartford Agent (the company symbol is a stag). KiKi wore a green costume and went as the GEICO Gecko.

Vanessa & Patty at City Club

We dropped KiKi off at home and went to the City Club in downtown L.A., where  Vanessa was holding court.

We ate our fill, but had to take it easy with the open bar due to having to drive home.

Mount Hollywood

10 August 2015

Griffith Observatory from Mt. Hollywood

We have lived our lives in Los Angeles, but have never hiked to the top of Mt. Hollywood to look at the city. Patty decided we would resolve this shortcoming today, so off to Griffith Park we went. It was a pretty well-worn trail, but the hike was very welcome and the views were worth it.

Patty overlooking Hollywood sign

Griffith Observatory in the middle of Los Angeles is always a welcome and interesting sight. Of course the famous Hollywood Sign from Mt. Hollywood is almost an iconic view.

Spring Trip to Napa

12-16 March 2015

Las Pilitas Nursery

One of our goals for 2015 is to get out on the road at least once a month. This month we decided to travel by a nursery specializing in California Native Plants - Theodore Payne is another, but it is near our house and we knew it well. Las Pilitas looked to be on our way to Napa - just outside the city of San Luis Obispo. It was a gorgeous drive - and well worth the time - even though the nursery was closed when we got there. Since it was middle of the day on a Thursday, we thought this strange, but they only open by appointment on TUE-THUR.

Click on the picture to see a bit more of the countryside, our visit with Caleb, and the new battery-changing station for Teslas at the Harris Ranch supercharger.

Visit to Jerome, Arizona

11 February 2015

Christie, Patty, KiKi, Larry in Jerome, AZ

Jerome, AZ is on old mining town build at 5000 feet altitude on Cleopatra Hill overlooking the Verde Valley. It is located between Prescott and Sedona, Arizona. It was saved from extinction when the remaining residents turned to tourism and retail sales. Today it is a National Historic Landmark, with art galleries, coffee houses, and a local museum devoted to mining history.

While visiting Craig's cousin, Larry, we all decided to drive up to Jerome. Cristie, Patty, KiKi, Larry, and Craig set off, with Larry getting a chance to drive the Tesla through the mountain roads.

This old auto showroom contained a below-the-street garage that was reached by putting the car on a lift and lowering it to the bottom floor. Now that lower floor is the mining museum, seen down the stairs, near Cristie. Of course, everyone is attracted by the half-car.

If you are curious we have a few pictures - click on picture.

Patty's Retirement Luncheon

25 January 2015

Patty at workMadeline Gardens Patty's last day on the job for Princess Cruises - and you wondered why we got to take so many cruises across the globe - was in early January 2015.

She had a luncheon for friends and co-workers over the years at Madeline Gardens in Pasadena, California.

2015 Rose Parade

1 January 2015

Rose Parade - 2015

This Rose Parade was special, in that it was the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruises. Since both Patty and Laurie work at Princess and live near each other, they decided to brave the cold January air and see the parade in person. Since they had a float in the parade, Princess had a block of seats and everyone was able to retain a reserved place in the grandstand - much better than fighting for a spot at the curb along the street.

Laurie, her cousin Carla, Patty, and Craig all piled into Laurie's car early Thursday morning and we headed for our reserved parking - what a life.

The Princess float was a replica of the Regal Princess ship - the newest in the fleet - and one we had taken a cruise on just a couple of weeks before. All the major cast members of 'The Love Boat' TV show were in attendance on the bow of the float.

Christmas 2014

28 December 2014

Patty, KiKi, Craig in NapaCraig pontificating & Caleb not listening

Craig, Patty, and KiKi drove up to Napa on the 27th to spend some holiday time with C.J., Olivia, and especially Caleb.

It was a really fun holiday and everyone had a great time.

Of course, when Craig held forth at the Oxbow Market Caleb wasn't always listening - he had other things to do and think about.

Descanso Gardens Halloween

31 October 2014

Dinosaur pumpkin patch

Descanso Gardens had a Halloween pumpkin event tonight. There were pumpkins everywhere throughout the property.

Walking through a path there were different patches of pumpkin themes. This patch showed all kinds of different dinosaurs.

Other patches consisted of celebrities, movies, and of course graveyards. Samples are shown by clicking on the picture.

Chris & Heather's Wedding

25 October 2014

dressed for the occasion

Patty with headdressChris and Heather Thompson held their wedding ceremony in October 2014, but they couldn't do it in any traditional way. It was held on a golf course in Carlsbad, CA and coming in costume was officially approved. 

Even Patty had to have something on her head.

We travelled to all the festivities, stayed over, and met Danielle's boyfriend's parents the next day.

Adeline M. Fowzer

Adiline M. Fowzer

21 January 1920 - 24 January 2014

Addie in 1938

Addie died quietly around 4:25pm Friday evening. The ending was relatively quick and she was at peace and as comfortable as the hospital could make her. She was holding hands with Patty, Danielle, and Jennifer when she passed, while Jennifer was holding a phone call from Henry.

Her funeral was on 7 February at San Fernando Mission Cemetery, where she is buried with her husband Henry.

Addie's high school photo in 1938.

trip to Napa

Trip to Napa

1 November 2013

Not only did we get to visit C.J, Olivia, and Caleb, but we got to take a long trip - 950 miles - up the beautiful California coast in our electric car. It was a fun, but tiring trip and the new Supercharger stations in Buellton and Atascadero allowed us to recharge our car in about an hour. The Gilroy stop was in the middle of a massive Outlet Store complex and we enjoyed our time there - both going and returning.

Caleb at breakfastCaleb was his usual active self and, as you can see, neatness wasn't exactly a priority.

Our goal for this trip was to visit the family and test out a longer trip, so we didn't take many pictures. What we took is available here.

Las Vegas & David Copperfield

20 October 2013

David Copperfield

When we went to Las Vegas we got tickets to see David Copperfield and met him after the show.

Nora & Robert with Patty & Tesla

The show was absolutely fantastic. Nora and Robert - our Las Vegas connected friends - were able to get us front row seats + benefits.

Since we had driven over in our Tesla we also got this picture of them with Patty and our car.

With a 200 mile range and a supercharger in Barstow, we were easily able to take our electric road car.

Neil & Eve Weightman's Family

13 October 2013

Neil's Family

After Emily's wedding in Bali, everyone gathered at Neil & Eve's house, for a 'those who couldn't make it to Bali' party.

Here is the family with three of the four kids (Krista, Emily and Colin) and two of the three spouses - along with their children.

These days it is impossible to get everyone in the same place, at the same time, but we did the best we could.

Safari Park

C.J. - Patty - Olivia19 September 2013

The last time we came here was in November 2008, before Caleb was born. Since C.J.'s family was going to a wedding in San Diego, we decided to meet them at Safari Park - outside Escondido, CA - for a day of fun and to visit the bench dedicated to Craig's dad.

Things had changed quite a bit and the Tiger area was being remodeled and unavailable. A new tower had been built and overlooked the entire valley. Also a balloon ride had been added. It had not yet gone into the air when we took this shot of C.J, Patty, and Olivia - Olivia was keeping an eye on Caleb, who just couldn't manage to sit still for the picture.

This place is a different kind of zoo, where most of the animals mingle with each other and there is a tremendous amount of space for the animals to wander in.

We simply enjoyed walking through the area and used the camera primarily to take pictures of the animals, so our photo essay doesn't have a lot of story, but you can click here, or on the picture, to see what we do have.

Kaylee Rose Williams

11 September 2013

Picture by Meghan Lievanos

Kaylee first blush

Kaylee was born at 12:27pm. She was 8lbs 11oz and measured 21inches.

view from Kaylee's hospital roomClick here or on pictures to go to her page.

View from her hospital room.

Emily Weightman Wedding

Just Married5 July 2013

When you get married in Bali you may be in paradise, but many of your stateside friends won't be able to make the affair. Here are some pictures you may have missed.

Em & Ben are now Emily & Ben Wisner.

Em & Ben at sunset


Henry's 65th Birthday Party

Henry's 65th birthday1 June 2013

You only turn 65 once and Henry's surprise birthday included the USC Marching Band (well part of it anyway) - Wow! was he surprised. 

This was summertime in the high desert and boy was it hot. The band played on anyway.

Henry's 65th birthday suprise


Memorial Day

27 May 2013

Addie at cemetery 1Addie at cemetery 2

Time to remember Patty's dad.

Addie and Patty took time out to visit Henry Sr. on this day when we remember veterans.

Santa Anita

Patty & Linda in front of Santa Anita paddock area

16 February 2013


Patty's cousin Linda is part owner of a race horse and today was to be her first race.

Of course we had to be there, along with Linda's sisters Sharlene and Melinda, friend Virginia, and cousin Lorraine. Santa Anita is not only famous for its racing, but the views from the grandstand are absolutely breathtaking.

The horse - Tebowing - is a filly from 2000 Kentucky Derby winner Fuschai Pegasus and, while very long legged, put on weight with difficulty and seemed a bit light compared to those racing with her.

Of course she came from dead last to win the race in the stretch - you couldn't have written a more breathtaking finish. It was shown as a photo finish, but Tebowing won by a quarter length going away.

If you want to see more of the horse please click here or on the pictures.

Addie at 93

21 January 2013

Patty & Addie at 93rd birthday party Jennifer, Ashley, Henry at Addie birthday lunch

Addie is taking things a bit more carefully these days, but she does know what she likes and having kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids around is one of her greatest pleasures.

Here we see Patty, Addie and son Henry with great-granddaughter Ashley and granddaughter Jennifer at her birthday lunch.

Tesla Model S

17 January 2013 new Tesla Model S in our driveway

This car has been in design since 2008 and Craig placed an order for it in fall 2009 - a long wait. Although the car was made in 2013, it is listed as a 2012 model - don't they usually do it the other way around? Well, from now on we are going to call it a 2013 car, since Motor Trend awarded it a 2013 Car-of-the-Year award. Keep your eyes open, you won't hear this car coming, but you sure will notice its beautiful lines.

Tesla's all-electric car drives even better than it looks - certainly worth the wait. Production started in summer 2012 and, finally, Craig & Patty's turn came - they went to the Tesla factory in Fremont, CA to pick the car up and drive it home.

Click here or on the picture to see more of the car and read about the
adventure of driving a brand new all-electric car 400 miles across California.

Craig's 70th Birthday Party

1 December 2012

Stiff Legs deadlift - 315lbs

315 @ 70

This is the weight Craig was able to lift on his 70th birthday. It is the most weight he has ever lifted in his life and he has been lifting it for over 12 years. One day soon he will not be able to lift it, but for now his goal is to keep lifting it twice a week for as long as he can.

Patio at Craig's birthday partyOn the 1st of December Patty organized a party. It was in our backyard and we had made sure the wall was rebuilt and the patio stones laid in time for the party. Everything looked fabulous and many people came over to enjoy the festivities.

A video Patty took showing that Craig actually could still lift the heavy weight, combined with a video of Patty & Craig's test drive of the Tesla automobile, were shown on a loop at the party. Both drew a lot of attention.

Endeavor Flyby

21 September 2012 Endeavor flyby over JPL in Pasadena

Much of Los Angeles turned out to see Endeavor flyby, then land at LAX, in preparation for being moved to Exposition Park near downtown. This, the shuttle's last time in the air, was a spectacular not to be missed.

Craig drove over to the area around JPL, and got the shot show on the left. However, Patty stayed home and saw a fly-over on three different occasions.

  • First the plane/shuttle appeared over downtown L.A. and Patty could see everything from her bedroom window.
  • Next the plane flew back over our house after Craig took the picture.
  • Finally, the pair circled over San Fernando Valley before taking up an approach path into LAX.

Craig's Flying Lesson

Craig's flying lesson giftMay 2012

The picture pretty much says it all. Patty and Danielle gave Craig a birthday gift of a flying lesson in a light plane. Kiki joined Craig and Patty for the flight out of Van Nuys airport. Craig piloted the plan after takeoff and before landing. The flight went out over Malibu and up to coast to Santa Barbara.

Patty had a fear of flying in a small plane with Craig, but she was a real sport and agreed to take pictures and a video.

New Year's Eve - Wicked

Wicked New Year's EveDecember 2011

We again went to a play with Matt & Julie on New Year's Eve. This time it was at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. We parked outside Universal Studios and took the subway into Hollywood, getting off at the Pantages near Hollywood & Vine. The play was fabulous and we all had a rousing good time with this picture.

Following the play we grabbed a bite next door at Dillon's Irish Cafe & Grill. Then we walked to Gruman's Chinese Theatre and boarded the subway back to Universal. Once there, we were shuttled up to Universal City walk with thousands of other people. It was so crowded that we walked once around the place and came back down to pick up our car. A stop at Jerry's Famous Deli on Ventura Blvd. was where we brought the new year in and we happily traipsed on home to fall into bed.

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving in 2011 at Addie'sNovember 2011

Addie and children

Addie's family gathered at her new residence for Thanksgiving. Shown here are her grandson Chris, Addie, her daughters Patty and Debbie, and Debbie's husband Tom. At 91, Addie's social life has taken a definite upturn in her new digs.

Here is Addie with her children Patty, Henry, and Debbie.

birthday girlBirthday Flight

13 June 2011

For Patty's birthday she wanted to travel to Santa Barbara and take her first small plane flight.

Since Kiki was allowed in the airplane we naturally brought him along.

mommy and son

We have a few more pictures. If you want to see them click here or on the pictures.

Visit to CJ, Olivia, & Caleb

April 2011

Craig, Patty, and KiKi drove up to visit C.J.'s budding family in their new home. They just moved into their home in February and we had not seen anything other than the real estate pictures and some shots C.J. took. It is really a cute house and, knowing C.J., they are going to make quite a few changes over the next few years.

We took a couple of walks during the two days we stayed and this picture shows all of us standing on the bridge over the Napa River.

Christine, Emily, JayBirth of Emily Satoris

26 March 2011

Emily Laine Satoris was born to Jay and Christine at Kaiser Hospital in Downey and went home with her parents the next day.

With three boys in the family, Emily is sure to get her fair share of attention. She started life as a very quiet child and her parents hope she continues this personality.

Addie Fowzer's 91st Birthday

January 2011

For her 91st birthday Addie's family came to Craig & Patty's house for celebrating, catching up on gossip, dancing and dance numbers.

The girls donned t-shirts and performed the musical number Sweet Adeline. Addie really enjoyed all the attention and you can see more pictures of the party by clicking here or on the picture.

What is this?Caleb Weightman's First Birthday Party

September 2010

Having recently moved to Northern California, C.J. and Olivia were happy to have family travel to their new residence to help celebrate the first birthday of the first grandson.

On Olivia's side of the family her sister Ari and brother Graham arrived from Florida.

C.J.'s father Craig, stepmother Patty and stepsister Danielle drove up with their dog Kiki. Also, C.J.'s mother Judy and his sister Julie were able to briefly make the trip.

The party started in the backyard, traveled through the house and ended with a trip through the surrounding countryside and a nature preserve.

Click here or on picture to see more of Caleb's party.

Unicorn Magic Anniversary Party

Danielle's one year party for Unicorn Magic Baking CompanyUnicorn Magic Baking Company logoAugust 2010

Danielle and Kaycee celebrated the 1st year of their custom baking business by having a party for their friends and customers.

Click here to reach their Facebook page.

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein ticket8 August 2010

One of our favorite movies has been Young Frankenstein. Well, Patty has been wanting to see the musical version for a very long time. A friend of ours, Vanessa, had three tickets she wasn't going to be able to use and asked if we would like them. To say Patty jumped at the chance would be putting it mildly. Patty, Craig, and Kelly (a friend of Patty's) were able to make the last minute adjustment.

Naturally we all sang along with the characters and thoroughly enjoyed the show. The sets were quite large and very imaginative. It was a real hoot to compare the actors to those in the movie.

The Pantages Theater is a fun place to visit. It takes you back to 'old time' Hollywood and very large, lush feeling theaters. This becomes part of the theatergoing experience for us.

Pat Sibley in The Wizard of Oz

May 2010

Patty, Pat Sibley, Jo after Wizard of Oz playWizard of Oz ticket

Patty's good friend, Pat Sibley, is a working actress and spends most of her days touring the U.S. with acting companies. The last two years she has been appearing as the Wicked Witch of the West and in May played Bakersfield, CA - an event which allowed Patty and another friend of Pat's, Jo, to drive up and see her. After the play we all met at a nearby coffee shop to discuss the general state of affairs.

Riviera Oaks Getaway

Riviera Oaks and Patty with our bicyclesThis was a mid-week getaway in the middle of April 2010. This relaxing area of San Diego County is located in Ramona, east of Escondido. On our way we spied a farm that raised camels - yup! We saw that.

Raising camelsDriving in on Wednesday we hiked around, rode some available bicycles and promised ourselves we would rent horses just next door to our timeshare digs the next time we visited this property.

Luncheon aboard the Sapphire PrincessLuncheon aboard the Sapphire Princess

February 2010

Occasionally Patty is able to bring friends and family aboard one of the Princess ships for an organized luncheon. A total of 10 of us decided to take this opportunity to lunch and tour the Sapphire Princess while she was docked in the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal.

The inside pool is where this picture of our cruise 'buddies' Harry & Ellen, Patty, Ellen's sister Pat & her husband Bill, and Craig was taken. Next to this indoor pool is an outside pool, where Sean, Trevor, Jay & his girlfriend Christine stopped to pose.

Addie Fowzer's 90th Birthday

90th Birthday Cake

January 2010

For her 90th birthday almost all of the family came to Addie's place to celebrate.

All her children, including Gary - who lives in Germany - most of the grandchildren and a number of great-grandchildren gathered in a large banquet room where Addie lives. Addie enjoys her independent living and her only concession to age is being in an over-55 residential complex. Of course, one on the advantages is they have places for parties such as this.

Since her granddaughter Danielle founded Unicorn Magic Bakery, she made the cake shown here and everyone got a piece.

To follow up on the people please click here or on the picture and you can see those who attended.

Mary Cary

Mary Cary t-shirtMary Cary Memorial Walk - 2009Craig's mother died on 23 June 2009, at 91. On the 25th of July our family got together for a memorial walk over the streets she so loved to travel while she lived in Glendale. The walkers were her granddaughter, Julie and husband Matt, her grandson C.J. and wife Olivia, her son Craig and daughter-in-law Patty with their daughter Danielle. Patty's niece Jennifer, pretty much a daughter, also joined in the walk.

Mary Wood in 1936

We walked the streets in the cool, early morning while talking about the places she frequented and things we remembered. All of us learned some new things. Following the walk we all gathered back at Craig and Patty's house for food and further talk about Craig's mother and the rest of our family.

Mother at her high school graduation in 1936.

Rhiannon & Eric's Wedding

Santa Monica PierRhiannon & Eric wedding vows

Patty's niece, Rhiannon Fowzer, married her long time boyfriend, Eric Kephart, on 18 April 2009. Their wedding took place on the Santa Monica Pier, at the carousel. As you can see, this was the 100th anniversary of existence, a good omen we think.

After the ceremony, besides the food and the dancing, the guests were able to ride the merry-go-round.

Last Christmas Together

December 2008

We didn't know it at the time, but Mary Cary wouldn't see another Christmas. She was 90 years old and, while her health was good, her memory was poor and her autonomic functions would fail her within 6 months.

This picture is the last time both brother's families were together with their mother. The picture includes Neil & Eve, mother Mary Cary, Patty & Craig.

Mary Cary's last Christmas

Wild Animal Park Roar & Snore

Gorillas at Wild Animal Park

November 2008

We hadn't had a family gathering for quite some time and decided that a sleepover at San Diego Wild Animal Park was just the incentive to get the kids together. Well, Danielle didn't make it, but we did get a good sized group from both Patty's and Craig's sides of the family. It was quite the gathering.

Click here to see more pictures.

12th Wedding Anniversary

Patty & Craig in Solvang

August 2008

We decided to pull a "Sideways" and visit the coastal country north of Santa Barbara for our anniversary. We drove to Lompoc on Saturday afternoon, enjoying the drive up old highway 1. Sunday we ambled over to the Scandinavian town of Solvang and spent the day walking through parts of this pretty town we had never seen. Monday afternoon we returned home, having spent a relaxing couple of days in the country with our dog KiKi even staying in our hotel with us.

Fowzer Family Gathering

Fowzer USC reunion

July 2008

A Summer USC reunion seemed just the time for the Fowzer family to gather in a local park. A karaoke machine had been brought in and the Fowzer clan decided to give it a try. Rhiannon has a very pretty voice and led the group in several songs - bringing down all the people present.

Jennifer, Patty with KiKi, Rhiannon, host, Eric, Addie, and Danielle are under the USC tent, with Patty's brother Henry looking on in some consternation in the right picture.

Lillian's Wedding

Lillian and her dad coming down the stairs/aislePatty Lillian Danielle

19 April 2008

We attended the wedding of one of Danielle's best friends, Lillian Tison. She has been around our house for many years and we were pleased she wanted us to join her on her special day.

The first picture is of her dad bringing her down the stairs/aisle. After the ceremony Patty, Lillian, and Danielle got together for pictures.

Addie Fowzer's 88th Birthday

For her 88th birthday party in January 2008, the Fowzer clan took their matriarch to Buca di Beppo in Valencia, CA. This family style Italian restaurant was close to Addie's parents Sicilian roots and a festive and fun time was had by all.

Click here to see more pictures

Addie Fowzer blowing out her 88th birthday candles
Getty Museum Central Garden

The Getty Museum

October 2007

This Los Angeles landmark has been open for 10 years and neither Patty nor Craig had ever been there. We decided to go one Friday and spent the day admiring the architecture. We plan to return soon to take in all the exhibits.

Click here to see more pictures

The Old Mill Foundation

Old Mill in San Marino, CASeptember 2007

Located in San Marino, CA - this is one of the oldest buildings in Los Angeles. It was built around 1816 and has been in almost continuous use since then. We originally visited it to observe the native plants maintained in the yard, but the building itself proved to be the most interesting.

Click here to see more pictures

Sailing San Francisco Bay on Labor Day

To see and read more of this Labor Day weekend in 2007 -- click here

Matt & Julie's Wedding

Matthew Williams and Julie Weightman were married 14 July 2007, at Chapman Chapel in Orange, California.

Matron of Honor - Charlene Click here to see more pictures
Maid of Honor - Meghan McCulloch
Bridesmaids - Ashley Dorn & Katy Salinas

Best Man - Steven Leyra
Groomsmen - Michael Williams, Don Williams, Alex Chase

Danielle's Graduation

Danielle's Graduation

17 June 2007
University of California at Riverside

Danielle Rose Forlizzi graduated from college with a degree in Anthropology.

This was Danielle's weekend, even if her mother was as happy as she was. Her graduation party was held on Saturday, the 16th.

Click here to see more pictures

Robert & Nora's Wedding

Nora at wedding party

28 April 2007

Our close friends and associates Nora and Robert Castro were married near their home in Las Vegas. The wedding and party were held at the Tao Restaurant in The Venetian hotel. The wedding was a somewhat relaxed affair in luxurious surroundings and the party that followed was just a flight of stairs up and into a private banquet area. There was plenty of food, drink, and Mardi Gras type masks to be worn. Nora certainly enjoyed her wedding party

The following morning we joined the couple and their families in their home, overlooking the strip, and another party opening presents was enjoyed.

Click here to see more pictures

Job & Jennifer's Wedding

Job Augustine and Jennifer Fowzer were married 7 April 2007, at the Hartley Botanical Gardens, in Somis, California.

It was an outdoor wedding and reception and many relatives from both sides of the family showed up.

Click here to see more pictures


C.J. & Olivia's Wedding

C.J. & Olivia's Wedding

Craig James Weightman and Olivia Asti Cosner Ervin were married 30 September 2006, at Shinneyboo Creek, Tahoe, California.

The location is north of Lake Tahoe, on the Yuba river and the guests arrived Thursday and Friday for the Saturday wedding. There was a hike, a dinner, and a Dance Friday night; with a rehearsal, the wedding, and a party Saturday; finally everyone left by Sunday afternoon

Christmas 2006 at Neil's House

Neil's Family Xmas

Craig's brother Neil and his family over Christmas.

Back row: Dave Johnston, Morley Blamey w/Charlie Weightman, Neil Weightman, Colin Weightman w/Connor, Rick Nelson, Drew Weightman

Seated: Eve Weightman, Emilie Weightman, Mary Cary, Freida Blamey, Eve Guthrie

Front: Krista Johnston w/ Eva Johnston, Anna Nelson, Mikki Weightman

Christmas 2005

Click here to see more pictures

Olivia, CJ, Danielle, Julie at Xmas party

Sometimes it is better not to goof off in front of the cameras. This photo catches Danielle and Julie doing their best Hollywood diva impressions. Olivia and C.J. seem unconcerned.

Craig's Birthday

Craig Danielle adoptionCraig's birthday dinner

December 2005

Craig's adoption of Danielle is final. Craig, Danielle, Harry (our friend and attorney)


Birthday dinner with Jennifer, Danielle, Patty, Craig, Julie, Katie, and Bobby Kay - sometimes more women is better!

Sean's 5th Birthday

Sean opening his birthday gift

November 2005

Sean opening his first present with his dad and grandparents.

Click here to see more pictures