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Iguaçu Falls

here are over 275 different individual cascades in these falls, plummeting almost 270 feet, making them one of the worlds largest waterfalls. The thunderous roaring can be heard from miles away. All but one of the following pictures covers only the upper part of the falls shown at the upper left of this picture.

Iguassu Falls

Patty and Craig stayed overnight at the Tropical Hotel - in the far left of the picture above, proceeding on to Buenos Aires the next afternoon.

Looking at the upper falls from the Brazilian side is one of the most awesome sights you will see.

This viewpoint allows you to go very close to the center of the falls. You can reach this area by walking from the lower falls or taking an elevator on the left side of the upper falls.

You get very close to this wall of water when entering/leaving the viewing area by elevator.

The devil's throat is where the highest volume of water is pumped through the falls. A closer view can be had from the Argentinean side

Looking downstream from the viewpoint above. Notice the powered boat in the stream. Visitors can get a ride up here from downstream.

looking downstream

Downstream seems more tranquil, but only by comparison with the water coming from the falls on the left side of the crescent. This is the only picture of the right side of the falls shown in the initial overview picture at the top of the page.

the quiet downstream areasometimes snacks are hard to findsometimes trees are better

Sometimes snacks are hard to find.

When you can't steal from people sometimes trees are better.

The Argentinean side is almost totally flat, but you can get very close. You take a train to a trail head, then walk over the raised path to devil's throat.

This is the best view of devil's throat. Water pours into the center from three sides, then roars out over the front of the falls.

This outcropping is surrounded by water pouring into devil's throat. Imagine what it might be like to be standing on that ledge.

Don (a cruise friend) and Patty observe the falls - well Don does anyway - Patty's fiddling with her hat.

Don and Patty overlooking Devil's Throat
the Eastern edgethe Northern edge

From this side you are directly over one side of the falls. You can look downstream or...

...you can look across to the Brazilian side. The Brazilian viewpoint is in front and below people on this ledge.

So there aren't so many people pictures so far. Here are Craig and Patty in front of devil's throat.

Craig & Patty in front of Devil's Throat