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Penguins of South America

There were penguin tours at three different ports this cruise. We took two of them (Stanley and Punta Arenas). Each of the areas had colonies of different kinds of penguins.

Bluff Cove, Falkland Islands

Gentoo and King Penguins - both about 30" in height

In this large rookery everyone just milled around, as there were no serious predators.

Gentoo Penguins on the left and...

I can get it myself

...King Penguins on the right.

I can get it myself.

Don't bug me! I'm thinking about it

Don't bug me! I'm thinking about it.

Some swim...some don't.

Ellen, Harry, Patty - it's cold hereCraig & Patty

Craig and Patty

Ellen, Harry, and Patty -- it's really cold here.

mail box in the Falkland Islands

Bluff Cove, Falkland Islands even has its own postal drop.

Punta Arenas, Chile - Isla Magdalena

Magdalena Penguins - about 28" in height.

We didn't have to take a rough 4-wheel excursion to reach the penguins of Isla Magdalena. However, we did have to board a WWII landing craft and brave extremely choppy waters to get to the island.

We walked down this plate in the front of the ship to reach the shore.

landing on the beach in a WWII landing craftmoving forward on the landing craft.

It had been a rough trip, in very tight quarters at the rear of the ship; then we had to move forward across a narrow passageway above the area soldiers huddled on their ride to the beach in the distant past.

This island contained about 160,000 penguins, most with their own boroughs - for protection from the wind and birds.

Upon our arrival we created a tourist alert. While many moved away, we were able to find some groups enjoying the sea.
It's a new worldDo I have to come? Do I have to?To each his own church - lighthouse

To each his own church...err, lighthouse

Do I have to come in now mom?

twinsWatching the tourists leave - at last!

It looks like a whole new world to me.


Watching the tourists leave -- at last.

Gotta shop till you drop.

shop till you drop