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Black & White Pictures

Don ordering dinner

Nora decided to shoot a number of black and white pictures.
They turned out quite well and we share them with you here.
Starting with Don ordering dinner.

Nora at the tablePatty partaking during dinner

Nora is saying the party has officially started.

Patty seems to agree on this matter.

The wine of choice on this night.

the wine of choice
Don & Betty

Don & Betty are sharing some fun commentary...

...right along with Patty & Craig

Robert & NoraBetty

Robert & Nora have a wedding coming up in less than a year...

...Betty is wondering if they really know what's in store for them?

Even women can't find anything in their purses.

Even women can't find their way around their own purses.

Hope you had fun with these candid black and white photos.