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Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg houses on the canal

Nora on the canal

Nora on the canal in front of the Rathaus (city hall)

Inside the Rathaus (below right) and in the courtyard (below)

St MicheleHamburg from St MicheleHamburg from St Michele

St Michele has a tower visitors can go up in and the view of the city is shown in the photos above. The weather was overcast, but the city was still impressive. Note the Rathaus on the left (with the green roof) and the Queen Mary 2 on the right.

Patty looks down the canalCraig looking out at the lake

Patty looks down a canal to the first small lake in the city. There is a large canal structure in Hamburg.

Craig looking over the small lake at a train crossing the bridge leading to the large lake beyond.

There were lots of plazas and this one held a great ice cream shop.

local plaza with great handmade ice cream
Robert holding the shoppingNeuer Wall street

Neuer Wall is like Rodeo Dr in Beverly Hills.
All the "A" list shops are here.

Of course all the men were stuck
carrying the 'goodies' found by the women.

A German Hofbrau

This was our final dinner together - boy was it a filling one.                                                                    Patty, Betty, Don waiting for a sizable feast.

And on the 9th day we boarded our flights back to the United States and started planning our next cruise.