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Stonehenge & Salisbury

Stonehenge is the most outstanding prehistoric monument in the British Isles.Stonehenge from the air


Patty & Craig at StonehengeStonehenge countrysideWhile it was a drizzly day in England - unique, huh - this monument, going back 5000 years, really gave us pause.

This ariel view shows the English countryside, burial mounds, and barrows.

We progressed counterclockwise around the monument shown below.

Stonehenge & moat

Salisbury - a medieval town

lunch stop in Salisburychurch in SalisburySalisbury in the rain

We ate lunch at Harper's on the 2nd floor.

Walking in the light rain, we wound our way through downtown Salisbury, past a Medieval Cathedral.

The streets were narrow and the shops were colorful, but the prices very high.

downtown shops in Salisbury