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Windsor Castle Tour

Windsor Castle is the ancestral home of the Windsor Royal Family line.
Windsor Castle groundsWindsor Castle garden view

Approaching the castle, the grounds are spectacularly elegant.

This is obviously a regal representation of the English Garden.Windsor Castle outer wall

Windsor Castle towerWindsor Castle crestWindsor Castle entrance

This tower has a steep garden surrounding it. While beautiful it was also helpful in its defense during the middle ages.

Entering the castle, you get the feeling of both majesty and elegance.

However, by breaking spaces up and separating them with guard towers and fortifications, safety was insured, should part of the castle be broken into.

Windsor Castle courtyard entranceWindsor Castle courtyard guard

The traditional British Guardsmen were impassively stoic, as per their reputation.

Windsor Castle guard house BettyWindsor Castle guardhouse DonWindsor Castle interiorWindsor Castle spires and chimneys

Betty and Don took turns being photographed inside the guard station.

The spires and chimneys in the courtyard reminded us of the time when there was no electric heat or running water to ease strain on everyday life.

Inside the medieval armor and arms were everywhere.

The main street leading to the Windsor Castle didn't always seem to be leading to a royal home, but a well kept English village with pub in evidence.

Costumed locals - were they just this way for the tourists?

England - and much of Europe - doesn't seem to have any aversion to bright colored shops. In the U.S. these would be pastel shades.

The hotel on the right had a real colonial flavor.