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2001 Western Caribbean Cruise

Going to pet stingrays
Marilyn, Patty, Craig, Mike leaving to swim with stingrays

Craig with birthday cakeThings started out right on this cruise - Craig got his birthday cake.

Craig & Mike share a manly hug on Craig's birthday.

We were on board the Grand Princess and below you can see the inside pool and bar - there were two outside pools and bars for general use.

Craig and Mike

Grand Cayman

We had signed up for a 'Pet the Stingrays' excursion and the heading photo for this page shows us leaving the dock for this adventure. Below you can see everyone in hip-deep water with the stingrays swimming lazily around all the swimmers. We were informed not to pat them on the head, as they don't like that and could sting you with their tail. We returned with nary a person suffering any type of injury.

After we returned to the island, Mike and Patty set out to find a tobacco shop and test out the Cuban cigars.

Several were bought and brought on board for smoking before returning to the U.S.

In the evening we got this picture before tendering back to the ship.

Cozumel, Mexico

Exiting at Cozumel dockUpon arriving in Cozumel, we left the ship via a long, long pier that angled to the right so that two ships could use the same dock. Here we see the Norwegian Sun nest to our cruise ship.

We decided to hire a taxi to take us around the island.

The first stop was San Gervasio, an archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization, located in the northern third of the island of Cozumel

We walked through an entry path to a central meeting area.

After browsing around, we wandered around one of the places looked like a temple outpost.

At the end of the taxi ride Craig's back was hurting him and the driver suggested an American chiropractor. He used a different method, but it was so successful Craig asked about it and found a chiropractor in Southern California who used the muscle release technique. It has become Craig's regular doctor.

Day at Sea

Back on board the ship there was nothing to do but eat and relax.

Of course the girls managed to find time to shop on-board.

It was a very restful cruise and it was becoming a thing for the two couples.