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Hawaiian Islands Cruise 2007



For this vacation we had no air travel - it's very nice to avoid airports these days. Since Hawaii was our destination, the cruise buddies decided to get matching Hawaiian shirts for our boarding photo.

Pat and Jo met us at the ship and were not in Hawaiian garb for boarding.

The cruise began and ended with five days at sea, plus we have been on this ship before, therefore we don't have too many photos of our crossings. We concentrated on what we saw in the islands.

Patty & Harry leaving LA Harbor

While leaving, Patty can't let go of her cell phone and Harry hasn't had his first cigar, but they both will be happier once we are out of L.A. Harbor.

Craig & Patty on first formal night

Harry & Ellen on first formal nightOn the first formal night Harry has had his cigar and Ellen has visited the ships shops. This is just the start of the cruise and Craig and Patty seem to have eyes only for each other - as we said, this is just the start of the cruise.Craig, Patty, Pat S.Pat's friend Jo

Craig, Patty, Pat S. and friend Jo all joined in the first night to dance. This was Jo's first cruise.

Map of cruise through the Hawaiian Islands

Our cruise will take five days sea days before we reach Hawaii. The Regal Princess will follow this route through the islands for four days and then return to Los Angeles.

Island of Hawaii

On arriving in Hilo, we rented a minivan and headed to Hawaii's active volcano area at the southeastern edge of the island. We didn't stop at the Kilauea Visitor Center, but drove around the Caldera and down the Chain of Craters Road to the end (red arrows) - lava flowing into the sea buried the end of the road in 2003.

Chain of Craters RoadThe Chain of Craters Road traverses down the steep Holei Pali cliffs on the way to the ocean. It is a rather spectacular view of the green vegetation and the black lava flow.

lava coastOnce the ocean is reached, you can look east across the coast to where lava is actively flowing into the ocean. Too far down the coast for this shot. Lava adds about 35 acres of new land to the island each year.

Pat & Patty on the coastPat and Patty climbed over the 2003 lava flow to reach the ocean shore.

lava covering roadend of the trail

Pat and Patty standing on the old road, surrounded by the 2003 lava flow.

There is a lightly marked trail over the field of lava, about 1/2 mile beyond the edge of the flow. Patty and Pat made it to the end of this trail.

jo & ellen in lava fieldJo and Ellen made it part way through the lava field, but decided to turn back because the terrain was so jagged.

pat overlooking crater

On the return journey (blue arrows), we stopped at this crater along the road and Pat is seen here looking over the crater wall.

lava tube information

No pictures were taken within the Thurston Lava Tube (Nahuku), but it illustrates how lava moves along underground.

crater rim trailhead signpost

Just after the lava tube was a trail head leading around the Kilauea Iki Crater.

view of Kilauea Iki Crater

This is our last view of Hawaii's volcano's, near the trail head. This is the Kilauea Iki Crater and beyond it you can see the Kilauea Caldera, containing several craters.

The Regal Princess passed very close to the active lava flows about 9:00pm and we could see the waterfalls of molten lava pouring into the sea. None of our pictures came out, but it was an unforgettable sight and needs to be viewed at night to fully appreciate nature's power.

Kona, Hawaii

approaching kona the right wayKona is much warmer than it appears here, but this is the way to approach a port.

kona seawallThe southern end of the island of Hawaii rises to the top of an active volcano and, in this view, is lost in the clouds.

the regal princessWhile the Regal Princess isn't a huge ship, by today's standards, she is a very beautiful one. She is going over to P&O Australia as the Pacific Dawn in October 2007.

how men handle shopping

Looking along the seawall running around the harbor, it is easy to see places to shop. While the girls are busy we can see how men (Craig) handle the girls incessant shopping.

leaving kona

After sampling the local brew, eating, and shopping; we left Kona in the early evening - hardly leaving any wake behind.

Island of Oahu

arizona memorialOn Oahu our primary stop was Pearl Harbor. We wanted to see the Arizona Memorial and the battleship Missouri - both key landmarks of World War II.

sunken shipThis is considered a cemetery, as well as a memorial, and quiet respect permeates everything.

Standing over the sunken ship gives anyone pause to think of the fragility of life.

honolulu from the arizona

Looking past one of the turrets toward the city of Honolulu.

battleship missouri & harry from arizona memorialHarry, Ellen, Patty, Craig at USS MissouriHarry on the Arizona Memorial with battleship Missouri behind.

Harry, Ellen, Patty and Craig in front of the USS Missouri.

missouri sternmissouri bow

Stem to stern, the battleship Missouri looks small, compared to the Regal Princess. It just goes to show where ship building is today

passagewaysHowever, I still wouldn't want to mess with those guns.

Running through these hallways during a battle couldn't have been much fun.

surrender spotThis is the spot where the Japanese surrendered in WWII.

harry on the bowHarry on the bow; making like Lord Nelson.

patty & craig under the guns

Patty and Craig under the forward, 16" guns.

patty near gun turretYou can just barely make out Patty standing by one of the gun turrets. The hinged door is how gun crews entered the turret.

craig & harry above bridge

Craig and Harry standing above the bridge and overlooking the Arizona Memorial and Honolulu.

Island of Kauai

Nawiliwili harborKauai - the Garden Isle - is, in my opinion, the most beautiful island in the Hawaiian chain.

This is what the harbor looks like from the ship - don't you wish every harbor looked this way?

We drove north from the Nawiliwili harbor, up the east coast of Kauai to the northeast corner, Kileuea Lighthouse Point.

View of Kileuea Ligthouse PointThere is no way to describe, or even take a proper picture of the view surrounding Kileuea Lighthouse.

kileuea view westkileuea view northkileuea view east These three pictures represent views facing west, north, and east respectively...

patty & patpatty & craig

Patty & Pat catching some rays.        Patty & Craig trying to keep their heads covered.

Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Leaving Kilauea Lighthouse, we drove across the north side of Kauai to the town of Hanalei - yes, it is that town (Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, and Mary). While a popular surfing and resort destination, this little town has a much more bohemian feel than larger Hawaiian cities. It is on a bay and in a valley with the look and feel of Vietnamese farmland - for those who have been there.

Just beyond Hanalei Bay we stopped at Lumahai Beach. It is so pretty that they filmed South Pacific here in the fifties.

Here's Harry, finishing his daily cigar.

Pat and Patty getting ready to go in.

patty into the water

Patty made it into the water...

harry is pushed by ellen

...Harry getting pushed in - sort of - by Ellen

you do what you want

...but Pat just wanted to have sun!

Also, Craig...you do what you want,
but I'm staying right here.

craig on the sandhot fun in the sun

While the water was good, the sand was better.
...soon everyone had joined Pat.

sunset over kauai

Even the camerman got his feet wet, but not in this picture.

Leaving Kauai was difficult, but this sunset was worth the show.

Island of Maui

Maui is the island we knew the least about. It is the second largest island in the chain and we were not going to see too much in only one day. Therefore, we decided to drive to the IAO State Park and then along the northwest coast.

pat in the gardenIAO NeedleYou can just barely see Pat welcoming us into the garden area of the IOA State Park. This is a very steep and lush part of the island.

The IOA Needle is the central emblem of the park. It hard to scale, but easily defended and the islanders used it when invaded.

craig at ioa needle

This is Craig at the end of the park trail.

Here Jo and Patty are climbing the trail. A great view of what the natives hiked through daily.

climbing the trail

patty & jo in the garden

The trail is shown with Patty and Joe in the garden beneath it.

you can't climb that

snorkling spot

Pat is thinking of climbing this tree.
Patty is making book on how far Pat will get.

Driving up the northwest coast, we passed this cove where a snorkeling tour from the ship was going on - beautiful free diving here. You can see Molokai island on the horizon.

north coast

As we rounded the northwest corner of the island this was the view north. A spectacular mix of colors and shapes.

The islands often make you feel small and rather frail. Here Pat is examining the terrain over some steep ocean cliffs.

Coming back into Lahaina you can see why the Regal Princess is moored so far out. Notice the sailboat aground on a shallow reef in the foreground.

The Return Trip

harry & characters barpatty, pat, jo on the balcony

Harry smoking his daily cigar in front of Characters Bar -- and the view from Harry's seat.             Patty, Pat, Jo on the balcony

last formal nighthead waiter talking to harry and ellen

All dressed for the last formal night - Craig, Patty, Jo, Ellen, Harry

Our head waiter talking to Harry and Ellen.

Dessert tablemates - Miriam and Steve, from Seattle

miriam & steve

Ensenada, Mexico


U.S. law states that a foreign flag ship has to make at least one stop at port outside of the United States. Therefore, we stopped for three hours at Ensenada, Mexico, on the way back to Los Angeles.

approaching the dockentering ensenada

Entering the Ensenada harbor

As we dock a huge Mexican flag is visible over the city.

The Regal Princess seen from the dock.

regal princess from the dockpatty under the mexican flag


Patty standing 'under' the huge Mexican flag.

The Last Night

patty jo pat ellen at dinner

The last dinner was informal and all the girls were well tanned.

Patty, Jo, Pat, Ellen

this isn't soupharry at the end of the cruise

Harry - Is this really an 'end of vacation' look?

Ellen: "This isn't soup, is it??

Thus ended another great vacation cruise.
We will keep you posted as we add more destinations to our travels.