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Eastern Seaboard Cruise 2008

This five day cruise started on the 125th anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. Fireworks from the bridge accompanied our departure at 9PM and gave us a great sendoff from New York.

Boarding QE2 in New York

Patty, Craig, and Danielle flew to New York on a red eye flight arriving early in the morning, Thursday, 22 May. Taking a cab from JFK to the Brooklyn Marriott, we enjoyed a great breakfast and settled in for the morning until the ship started boarding and a hotel limo could take us to the nearby dock.

Here we met Ezekiel - this was Ezekiel's first cruise and Danielle had never been aboard the Queen Mary 2. Boarding went smoothly and Danielle and Ezekiel both took off to explore the ship.

Statue of Liberty

Patty and Craig went topside and got some pictures of the New York skyline and the harbor and then to dinner in the Britannia dining room.

PattyBritania dining room

Dinner for our first day at sea was a formal affair, with a dance in the Queen's Ballroom following the meal.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax was our first port on this short trip and it was a blustery day upon arrival. We enjoyed our walk along the harbor front, visiting all the tourist shops and docks. We turned and walked up the hill in the center of the city to the Halifax Citadel {National Historic Site of Canada}. The town clock tower on the upper left corner of the map (yellow arrow) was build during the early years to ensure all soldiers within the town were not late in reporting back for duty. We walked all around the fortifications and the dry moat around the entire layout. Sleeping quarters and a museum are in the center building and various offices are in the inner side of the outer walls.

Halifax CitadelCitadel guard

Dinner was a time for fun and drinking. One of Craig's favorite drinks is Ginger Beer; much more common in the Commonwealth than in the States. Ezekiel and Danielle had other ideas.

Boston, Mass

The next day; Sunday, 25 May; we docked in Boston for an all day stay - leaving at 9:30PM.


Patty, Craig, and Danielle rented a car and drove to Woburn, MA to make a last visit to Danielle's grandmother Carol. She is living with Danielle's aunt Grace and Bubbles. On 20 August 2008 Carol passed away, just before her 92nd birthday.

Patty, Grace, Bubbles, Carol, DanielleDanielle & GraceDanielle with her grandmother Carol & Bubbles

Before returning to the ship, we stopped at John Adams original farm house. While it was closed to the public on Sunday, we were able to walk the small amount of remaining grounds.

Monday, travelling back to New York, was a sea day and we frequented our favorite places on the ship and generally just relaxed for the entire day.

Golden Lion Pub - best Fish & Chips anywhere

passing container ship

indoor pool with retracting roof

private sunbathing area - high end passengers only

Patty eating on the top deck

QM2 Bridge area - no flash pictures allowed

Upon docking, Danielle left for New York with Ezekiel while Craig and Patty visited Don & Betty - two friends who previously cruised with them on the QM2 in 2006. Craig flew home to take care of KiKi that evening while Patty stayed on with her close friend Lisa and son Frankie. Patty and Danielle returned three days later.

Long Island, New York

Lisa's house

Lisa and Patty in Central Park

Frankie with his grandparents, Millie & Frank...

...and their dog Rudy