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Mexico Reunion Cruise

Entering Cabo San Lucas
Entering Cabo San Lucas

At Sea

Craig, Harry, & Jeff

The first order of business was to get reacquainted. This was the first cruise with Jeff & Sherry since 2002. Note: Harry isn't angry about anything; he just has a case of Bell's Palsy and it leaves one side of his mouth in a permanent frown.

Sherry, Ellen, Harry Vanessa's family

Also on our cruise, though we didn't get any more pictures, was Patty & Craig's friend Vanessa, her oldest daughter & granddaughter, and her cousins from England.

Puerto Vallarta

harbor cruise transportation

Looking out from our cabin we could see what passed as the harbor cruise ship. It was fun to see them load it to the 'gills' and set off for a harbor tour.

Patty & Ellen in Puerto VallartaEllen riding dolphin

Ellen was determined to have the 'Ride the Dolphin' experience. We made sure she got her wish.

Following her experience, she and Patty set off for their normal shopping tour. Returning to the ship, this photo shows just how big the Sapphire Princess is.


Docking in Mazatlan

We have been to Mazatlan often and it was enough to watch the ship dock and observe the city from the upper decks. There were enough things happening on-board that we didn't need to fight the vendors ashore.

Harry, Ellen, Patty in MazatlanPatty & Craig in Mazatlan

Cabo San Lucas

We showed a picture of entering the Cabo San Lucas harbor in the first photo on this page. Here we show the tenders that take passengers ashore and Patty & Craig at one of their favorite places - The Ocean - where they are enjoying drinks and a meal while sitting on the actual sand bordering the bay.

Tendering to CaboPatty & Craig at The Ocean

Returning Home

Craig relaxingJeff & Sherry relaxingSaphire atrium

Returning home means getting a few extra hours of relaxation. Above we can see Craig and Jeff & Sherry doing just that.

Wandering the ship the central Atrium of the Sapphire Princess stands out as an ode to both excess and shopping - it is where all the shops are located and they are only open when the ship is not in port.

Finally we show a picture of the Six Musketeers - having reunited for a second cruise, this is the last time these six people will be able to get together.

The Six Muskateers