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Caribbean Cruise for Girls Only


Vanessa                                    Patty                                                  Sandy                         Danielle

Puerto Rico backstreetsPatty & Danielle

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Patty & Dragonfly resturant Puerto Rico Sandy & Patty
evening festival

The festival went on well into the night...

...however, passengers had to get back to the ship because it was leaving port at 11:00PM.

Also, there was the first night's dinner to dress for. Here Danielle and Patty pose in the atrium, next to the glass elevators.

Day at Sea

Being as this cruise was shortly before Christmas, the entire atrium area of the ship was outfitted with Christmas decorations.

The atrium is a multistory area that serves as the center of the shops onboard, the purser's desk - shown in the middle to the right - and normally has some bars and snack/coffee areas to relax in.

Dual stairways are matched by glass elevators - shown at the far right with a band playing between them.

The entire area reeks of opulence.

Frequently entertainment is offered near the middle of the day in the atrium. People gather up and down the winding staircases to view the shows.

Oranjestad, Aruba

Of course both Patty and Danielle had to take pictures of each other on the balcony before disembarking and investigating the city.

Aruba jewelersDanielle at the beach

Patty took a walk around the city, while Danielle headed straight for the beach.

A restaurant over a jewelers was a rather unique looking building.

Gilligan's beach

Kralendijk, Bonaire

Arriving in Bonaire Patty got a panoramic view of the countryside. It is really pleasant when the ship docks near a residential area and we look out of our cabins on something besides loading docks.

Bonaire flamingos
Bonaire bikeride Dani & PattyBonaire bikeride bikes & DaniIsland Night party

This is the evening of the Island Night party and
Danielle couldn't help but get in the center of things
- can you spot her?

St. Georges, Grenada

Ride the rapids

Sandy with spice from GranadaDanielle buying spice in Grenada

Buying spices in Grenada was an absolute must. Here you see Sandy displaying her find and Danielle purchasing spice from an islander.

Roseau, Dominica

Arrival in DominicaMorning on the streetDanielle riding bus to rainforestDanielle arriving at rainforest
Dominica rainforest Patty & DanielleDominica rainforest trolly

Dominica rainforest Patty on bridge

To see more pictures of the rainforest click here
or on the picture below.Danielle & Patty in the rainforest

The Caribbean Princess simply dominated the coastline.

Dominica had been a spectacular day,
 but the view leaving was equally beautiful.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Patty & Danielle arrived in St. Thomas and set out on a BOSS Undersea adventure.

St. Thomas at sunset

After all the underwater fun the dive boat sailed back to the ship, passing other sailboats on the way.

Finally, as the ship prepared to leave for Puerto Rico, there was a beautiful sunset over the bay.

Last Night at Sea

Danielle in the middle of packing

The last night at sea we all had to pack up our stuff and leave it in the hallway before we could go to bed. Here we see Danielle contemplating her next move.

 It was collected and waiting for us after we disembarked in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We all had great fun and would love to do this again - perhaps in another part of the world.