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Mexican Excursion

View from our timeshare outside Cabo San Lucas


approaching Ensenadablowhole series

Our first stop was in Ensenada, not exactly a stellar tourist destination, and we took a trip to the blowhole south of town. The bus stopped and we made our way downhill, through lots of little shops selling much the same thing. After watching the crashing ocean get lots of people somewhat wet and photographing Mario, we traipsed back, stopping at a resturant to sample a local marguerita - excellent tequila.

The bus back dropped us in the city and we spent time shopping - not buying - and finally walked back the mile or so to the Sapphire Princess.


Cabo San Lucas

Approaching Cabo San Lucas

We approached Cabo San Lucas in the early morning and the view was simply grand. If you click on the picture to the left, a larger picture will display on a separate page.

Patty and the Arches

You sail south around the Arches at to southern tip of Baja California and enter the harbor.

the ship overwhelms the port

The ship cannot dock at a pier and passengers must tender in to Cabo San Lucas. It is pretty clear these ships simply overwhelm the port.

Of course we had to walk to "The Office", previously visited in 2009, for an early lunch on the sand and Patty visited a local masseuse, enjoying a blissful hour dedicated just to herself.

Patty going for a massage


In the afternoon we took a cab 20 miles east of Cabo San Lucas, to a timeshare group we have an interest in, and checked in to Cabo Azul Resort - our ship remained in the harbor over night and we decided not to spend the night onboard. Our room was spectacular and Mario and Patty are shown sitting by a three level infinity pool that was very warm at the top level and quite cold at the bottom. In the middle level you could swim up to the bar - shown behind them - and order drinks.

We walked into the little town of San Jose del Cabo and found the food average and the prices quite high. After walking back to our resort, we ate a delicious dinner at their gourmet restaurant overlooking the beach.

The next morning we awakened to the view of the resort that opens this page. There were some really beautiful sights on this vacation.

Sailing Back

Mario and Craig relaxing on the balcony

The return voyage was very relaxed - Mario and Craig found time to simply zone out/read on the balcony of our cabin.

Patty & Craig on their balcony

Patty and Craig were able to spend time relaxing on the balcony.

Craig has bow legs like his dad - sort of looks a bit like dad in his later years, especially the little pot belly Patty seems to be rubbing.

Patty found time to have her teeth whitened - a popular service offered at the spa onboard.

Of course there is always time for shopping - especially around Christmas.