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Patty's 2012 Alaskan Cruise

Patty, Pat, Vern 1Patty, Pat, Vern 2
Patty, Pat, and Vern heading into Skagway

Vern cruisingPat cruising

Everyone loves to get out early on a sea day.

Pat lives in Seattle - can you tell?

Since you already have seen a picture of the Mendenhall Glacier, outside Juneau, we will go straight to cruising the Tracy Arm Glacier.

Patty at Tracy ArmGolden Princess in Tracy Arm

Patty loves to cruise glaciers.

On this trip we passed the Golden Princess on our way out.

The scenery simply makes everyone feel very tiny.

Patt in the upper bunk

With three people in a room, someone has to occupy the upper bunk.

Here Pat shows off her climbing skills.

At Skagway everyone took the train tour to the Canadian border.

Railway out of SkagwayTrain through the wilderness  Vern & Pat on train 1Vern & Pat on train 2

Vern simply can't keep her eyes open, but Pat doesn't have any problem following along.

Shopping in SkagwayPatty at formal night

Shopping in Skagway is the last 'must do' activity before leaving Alaska.

Patty & the Captain

Patty visits with the Captain.

Formal night is a time to dress up
and Patty is taking full advantage.

Pat, Vern, Patty relaxing

So ends another cruise - with all the girls feeling completely relaxed.