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Patty & Craig's 2012 Hawaii Cruise

Morning landing in Kawai
Morning landing in Kawai

Sailing away from Los Angeles

What you do during sailawayTugs are not needed

This is what we all do during sailaway. Drink something and make a last cell phone call to someone.

With the ship we have, there is no need for these hard working guys.

One of the largest container ports in the world.

Finally, we say goodbye to L.A. harbor.

One of the world's largest container portsGoodbye to L.A. harbor

Relaxing at seaPatty looking forward to sea time

With Craig's 70th birthday behind them, this cruise was intended to unwind the year and do as little as possible. Of course we had to do something unique and that was the ziplining in Kauai, described below.

As a result, most of the pictures are simply scenes of different parts of the Golden Princess where we enjoyed wandering. We had been on this ship before, but she had been refitted since our last cruise  and she had lots of new looks and features.

The Sanctuary is a new feature added to the larger ships in the fleet. This is a paid area where adults can go to simply relax away from the noise and clatter elsewhere. You can also get massage and other treatments here.

Golden PrincessSanctuary

On the ocean the wind is always blowing and this picture of the flags flying illustrates this.

Walking around the Promenade Deck you can see a view from the stern and the general walking area lots of passengers take advantage of.

flags in the windview aftPromanade Deck
stern poolinside poolexercise classoutside movie screenPatty under Skywalker's Lounge

There are pools everywhere and they are usually crowded. Clockwise there is the aft pool for adults, the inside pool, the midships pool with outside theater, Patty near the aft pool, and

Skywalker's LoungeWine Bar

Skywalker's Lounge is the highest part of the ship passengers can get to and it is located aft.

The Wine Bar is in the Atrium, on the lowest deck. Passengers can also read and connect to the internet here.

Princess TheaterEnjoying champagne

The Princess Theater

Patty & Craig celebrating with an expensive bottle of Champaign given to Craig on his 70th birthday.

Oahu, Hawaii

View from our balconyHonolulu Aloha TowerHonolulu at night

Sailing into Oahu on a beautiful morning.

The Aloha Tower signals the entrance into the commercial port.

Before leaving at night, we were able to get this shot of the skyline.

Rainbow over Kawai

Upon docking in Kawai,
 this rainbow greeted us from our cabin.

Ziplining on Kauai

Patty's first zipline jump & a Craig zipline experience

Patty's 1st zipline jump 1Patty's 1st zipline jump 2Patty's 1st zipline jump 3
Our vehicle backA look back at our journey 1A look back at our journey 2A look back at our journey 3

When we got to the end of the run, we looked back up the mountain to see others following in our footsteps.

Finally we all had to load ourselves into a truck for the ride back to Lihue.

Maui, Hawaii

 Hot licks in the AtriumMorning on Maui
Craig ashorePatty under Banyon treesReturning by tender

There is always something going on in the Atrium -- this time it is a sax player letting it all hang out.

Approaching Maui in the early morning.

Patty under the banyan trees, along with Craig hanging out along the ocean in Lahaina, Hawaii.

Finally we had to return to the ship by tender.

Traveling Home

 Morning on the ocean

Morning on the open ocean is always exciting. It pays to get out and wander when the light is perfect.

Natale & BobNatale's birthday

Natale & Bob were tablemates with us and Natale celebrated her birthday while on board.

seeing eye dogs aboard Patty in mini-suite

Patty often enjoyed breakfast in our mini-suite.

On this cruise there were a number of blind people with their seeing-eye dogs. We enjoyed the talks about their adventures.

There was a desert presentation and Patty took full advantage.

Patty at desert festivalIt's cold out here

During the ice sculpting exhibition, Patty wrapped herself in a blanket.

While it was cold, the ice sculpture is always fun.

Ice carving 1Ice carving 2

The final port in this cruise is always Ensenada. It is the law that at least one stop has to be outside the U.S.

When we finally make it home there is the taxing job of unpacking to do.

Patty unpacking