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2013/14 Mexico New Year Cruise

walking to The Office 1walking to The Office 2
Harry, Ellen, & Patty walking to The Office in Cabo San Lucas

Midnight New Year's Eve - 2014swimming after midnight

New Year's Eve aboard the Sapphire Princess.

This was truly a cruise to do nothing planned, except to enjoy the company of Harry & Ellen - our very good friends. No excursions were planned, we slept late every day, and decisions were made at the very last minute. Well...we did intend to stay up New Year's eve and welcome 2014 in aboard a cruise ship for the first time. After midnight we went to the upper decks and - lo and behold - people (mostly young) were jumping in the pools in their clothes. Hummm....wonder what else went on during this celebration?

Harry & Ellen transportation to The OfficePatty transportation to The Office

We did decide to tender off in Cabo San Lucas and take bicycles over to The Office for lunch in the sandy beach. The bicycles couldn't make it up the last hill and we all had to walk the final 100 yards, up and down. Harry considered it a badge of honor to finish this last leg with no help from anyone - this is recorded above.