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Caribbean Cruise on the Regal Princess

Patty celebrating with a Chocolate Martini

The Regal Princess

The Regal Princess is the newest ship in the Princess fleet and one obvious new feature is the Skywalk shown on the main page. Here is that Skywalk from inside - the gap on this side is a bar.

Patty is looking over the Ft. Lauderdale harbor.

Above Patty is looking at the view below, as we prepare to leave the Ft. Lauderdale harbor.  Everything is being set up on the open deck under the large outdoor movie screen. The stage in the middle has a number of water fountains built into the floor for shows and frolicking kids of all ages.

Ft. Lauderdale

The Horizon Court is quite unique, in that it is much larger and has several different specialty eating areas. Much more like a collection of buffet resturants. The central atrium on the ship is really two atriums put together and resembles a mall more than a central open space.

Here is Craig sampling the fare at one of the bars in the central atrium. Then we find him relaxing in our room - very spacious accomodations.

Our first stop was at the privately owned Princess Cay, in the Bahamas, and we decided to remain on the ship and take advantage of service discounts aboard - very relaxing. Following this we stopped at St. Thomas, where we got off and wandered around to shop - picking up a number of Christmas gifts. Then it was back aboard and overnight to St. Maarten. Here we perused the beach and some shops we has previously stopped at, but we managed to avoid any serious buying spree.

Crystal Lake Golf Course

Upon returning to Ft. Lauderdale, we stayed over to visit a golf course investment and took some pictures of the entrance, the clubhouse, and a shot of the golf course itself. All was in order, but our investment was about to change and we wanted to make sure everything was in good order.

Wild Animal Park

The following day we drove up to Wild Animal Park and enjoyed a couple of hours driving by quite a number of animals roaming relatively freely.

Africa has their own version of the long-horned cow and apparently chimps will not go swimming, so they keep on separate islands, separated by moats. The ostrich are always a draw, especially up close - with your window mostly closed. The adult giraffes are commonly fed from long poles, so that is where they gather.

Of course the lions were fenced off from the other animals and the only pictures we took of them have a lot of fencing showing in the photo.

Plains animals and water buffalo were in abundance...

Patty with young giraffes

...but the rhinos were a main attraction. Apparently they blend well with the zebras.

At the end of the tour we were able to get out of the car and go through a walking part of the park. We walked over to a giraffe feeding tower and Patty was able to make the acquaintance of two of the younger giraffes.